Thursday, January 9, 2014

Generations at 5 Points Brunch

Downtown Waukesha aficionado, Tom Hekkers, made me aware of a brunch at Generations at 5 Points on the weekend between Christmas and New Years. I asked my friend Tiffany to join me and we made 11 am reservations.

It was a cold day, but we still decided to walk downtown from her place and check out anything else going on. Sunday mornings are pretty mellow in downtown, but Generations was hopping. A large group was seated in their front lounge full or downtown business owners (love seeing them support others!) and a few other bar tops and tables in the back were seated as well.

I had never done a tapas brunch before and was really excited. I previewed the menu the day before and slimmed it down to my favorites. Tiffany hadn't had a chance to see the menu so we ordered some drinks while we meandered the menu.

I went for the red sangria which had quite the kick. The fruit was chopped up small, but didn't get stuck in the straw. Tiffany went for the build-your-own-bloody-bar and created herself a meal in a cup :)

Then we got down to business. Tiffany chose two entrees and I chose two. We figured we would definitely leave full, but have a chance to try so many things. The first dish out was the tuna tower. Rice, fresh tuna, greens and pickled ginger stacked up with wasabi and soy sauces decorating the plate. It was so pretty we didn't want to eat it.....yeah that lasted for two seconds. Great flavor and exceptional sauces.

Next up was the Eggs Benedict - best hollandaise sauce I think I have ever had. And using prosciutto instead of ham was genius! I am not a fan of runny eggs, but I even had a bit of the yolk on this as well it was so good.
The macadamia nut pancake was next - it was HUGE! Plenty of macadamia nuts and the fresh strawberries paired well. The crown royal maple syrup saturated the pancake and really added to the nutty flavor of the dish.
Last was the duck platter that included pan seared duck breast with blackberry jam, duck bacon, eggs (I chose scrambled) and hash browns. This was a meal in itself but it was really good. Ever since the Bernie's flatbread experience of the 2012 Christmas parade, I am a big fan of duck. I couldn't really taste the difference in the bacon but it was thick cut and flavorful. Nothing really special about the eggs or hashbrowns but it was a savory way to end the meal.
We did get mimosas as well to have with our meal and our server was on top of clearing plates and refilling our waters too. I love a proactive server! Tiffany and I both agreed that the Eggs Benedict was our favorite!
I thought the "sangera" typo was pretty funny so I took a picture :)

I read on Generations website that there will be some Valentine's and St. Patty's specials coming soon, so I'll have to keep my eyes out for them. And if they have another brunch, I'll make an announcement on my Facebook page. It's definitely worth it.

I do understand that tapas come to the table when they are ready and they aren't meant to all come out at the same time, but I did feel that our tapas were spaced out just a little too long. Tiffany and I tried to eat really slowly so that we would just be finishing one dish when the next would come out, but the pauses were just a bit too long for me still. La Merenda does a great job in downtown Milwaukee of getting tapas out with good timing.

But if that is my only complaint, Generations you are doing a-ok in my book!

We headed over to Nice Ash for a "pre-Packers game, our bellies are full and we just want to go somewhere comfy and relax for a bit," beer and got a chance to catch up with Jeff and Becky. We ended up staying for part of the game before heading to Boscos to catch the Packers win over the Bears.
All in all, another wonderful Sunday in downtown Waukesha!

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