Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Resolutions - a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I have never held my resolutions firm and I have even tried to candy-coat it by calling them goals or aspirations but when it comes down to it, I am not good at keeping resolutions.

But coming off a recent breakup (I'll keep that drama off the blog), I feel like a refreshed and renewed person. Sure it stings to realize I'm back in the single boat again and I'm the 3rd or 5th wheel for most anything that I do with my friends, but I'm ok with that (for now). I don't plan to be single forever, but after this breakup, I really feel like a different person.

I want to try to pull from this refreshed and renewed feeling and carry that through everything I do to help me be a more positive and driven person. Heck, I closed on my home in the same week as the breakup. So maybe it's the new home and really realizing that I am "growing up" and not so much the breakup, but whatever it is, I like this feeling.

Ok - onto the resolutions. I'm not going to set a certain number based on the year or stick to ten, but by the time I finish writing this post, that is how many I will have.

1 - Fiscally responsible. I have set numerous things in place to help this happen but I also have to realize that I just don't need some things and I'll live without the new dress or shoes. I bought a home, I have to be responsible. Have you seen the 52 week money challenge floating around the interwebs? I have my jar and my dollar in it for week one :)

2 - Healthy lifestyle. I think my body is helping me on this one too, because lately when I have eaten junk, I felt like it afterwords. And I like healthy, fresh food. Now I just have to up my fitness and I'll be in good shape for some great things happening this summer. With the help of Blogilates, BodyRock and running, I think I can do some great things this year. 10k by summer :)

3 - Disconnect - My job roll makes me very connected to my phone and the internet a lot. And TV, well it's always on in the background. I didn't get cable for my condo yet as I don't think I will need it. But I do know that I have to cut back on how much I am on my phone. I have been cutting back more when I am around my friends because I think it is rude, but at night I am glued to my phone or laptop. This might be something I have to ease into, but I'll do my best. :)

4 - Local. I really want to be as much a part of the local business field as I can be. Although my blog is not a profitable source of income for me, it is MY local business and my way to get local information to my readers. So I hope that I can really dive into the local venues of food, art, music, etc., and really show what Waukesha has to offer that supports the community. I think being fiscally responsible will help me find out more of the free/cheap things to do in the city too!

5 - Friendships. I have a great group of friends and if it wasn't for them, my move would never have happened or my dad's back would be injured again. I can't thank them enough for their support through all my craziness (that happens from time to time) and the fun we get to have together has supplied me many great memories. I hope to only continue those in 2014 and build them stronger. 

 6 - Travel. I'm heading to Las Vegas in June for a bachelorette party but I really hope that I can make it somewhere else this year. I have signed myself up for quite a few travel deal sites in hopes of being able to explore a city that might not be on my main list but is definitely worth the expereience. Like Salt Lake City - never would have thought to go there, but I am soooooo glad I did.

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