Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was a HUGE SUCCESS! We ended up trimming the menu slightly when we saw how much food we had for 4 people, but basically I want to give you a more visual than wordy representation of my day. I will then go into detail on the recipes and tweaks that I gave them at a later date. Although these were turkey day recipes for me, they really could be used any day.

Almost all the ingredients I needed!

Cleaning the bird - eww!

Stuffed and ready to roast!
Making the stuffing

Covering the bird so it doesn't get too crispy!

Stuffing done!

Stuffed Mushrooms pre-oven

Fresh brussel sprouts

Ready to get in the oven!

More roasting

Cheated on the gravy :)

The bird is done!

Sweet potatoes with cranberry topping

Dad carving up the bird

Brussel sprouts were to-die for!

Cauliflower was just ok

Quite a feast for just 4 people!

A little bit of everything!


I just had to try both! :)

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