Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Generations at 5 Points

Last week, my mom met me for dinner after her conference in Pewaukee. I got to pick and chose Generations at 5 Points (that is literally right on the 5 points in the middle of downtown Waukesha). It has been over a year since I have been there, so I was definitely due.

I scoped out the December menu before we left and picked out a few things I liked. I like that they change the menu monthly. Some items stay each month, but seasonal creations are added and they are usually really creative.

We got there shortly after 5 and the place was empty. They said another table had just left so we had perfect timing to keep the flow going. We chose a high top across from the bar and were greeted by our server quickly. We each ordered a glass of wine and studied the menu. A few more couples came in and then a party began to set up in the back of the restaurant.

I decided on the cranberry cream cheese crusted pork tenderloin but to my disappointment, they were out of that. I selected the basil pesto pasta and my mom chose the pan seared duck breast. 

I understand that tapas restaurants serve portions that are meant to be shared and maybe we should have said something, but we ordered our tapas as perfect sized entrees seeing as it was just the two of us. We just wanted something light. (It says right on their website tapas don't come out at the same time) My pasta came out a good 10 minutes before my mom's duck. They explained how food comes out of the kitchen (when it's done) but this still bothered my mom a bit because if I waited for her to get her duck, I would have had cold food.

We did share bites from our entrees and everything was absolutely scrumptious. The fresh basil in over the pasta (homemade noodles?) really pulled the dish together and made it something I would recommend to everyone. And look at that fresh Parmesan cheese!

Ever since I had duck on a flatbread at Bernie's, I have looked for it on other menus to try it other ways. And because my mom ordered it, I got to try it with a wine sauce. It was really good over the edamame and wild rice salad. We weren't expecting the rice and edamame to be cold, but the food paired together really well.

We will definitely return after the New Year, but maybe with a larger group to try more of the tapas and maybe with more dishes, there won't be such a large gap in between plates. I know there are a few things on the December menu my dad would just love so I hope they return in the New Year so he will try the place (keep the butcher chop chili around!!)

Generations is very reasonably priced for the quality of food that comes out of the kitchen and is a great addition to downtown Waukesha. Tuesdays is 1/2 price bottles of wine night. They have lounge chairs in the front, live music on the weekends and a great selection of martini's. It sort of reminds me of Splash in Oconomowoc that I recently visited.

They have a lot of gluten-free and vegetarian options which is great to see that more restaurants are aware and making dishes for those with allergies. I definitely recommend bringing a few friends with you and checking it out.

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  1. You need to go back sometime and try the cranberry cream cheese crusted pork tenderloin. It really surprises you, so wonderful. By far the best thing I've ordered from Gen5.