Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Meal Preview

This year, I have assigned myself the task of making the entire Turkey Day meal. It's the least I can do after living at home for the last 18 months while trying to buy a condo. With me almost out of the home, and on a tight budget, I offered to make it all this year and my parents gladly offered to buy the groceries. They are hunting down the deals as I type this. My mom can (hopefully) sit back with a glass of wine, relax by the fire and watch some football while I take over (destroy) her kitchen.

The part that grosses me out the most is actually prepping the turkey. I made sure my mom has new gloves for me to wear and I'm really grossed out about sticking my hands in the body cavity and making sure it's ready to go. I do want to spread the herbs and butter between the skin and meat, as long as I don't pass out. Go figure, I'm a foodie that handles meat all the time, but never in the whole body variety.

I found almost all my recipes on Pinterest, so here is the preview of my turkey day, with results to follow. I hope my mom can help with the picture taking and not take too many that have me in destructive stages of the meal prep that she can use against me later. I hope that all spatulas and spoons are found in their complete form after the cooking marathon and everyone has full, happy bellies.

Pinterest Recipes for Turkey Day:

The Bird: This is a chicken recipe, but I have heard of doing the same thing with a Turkey.

Stuffing: I'm not a stuffing fan, so I'm trying a new one to see if I can like this one more!

Garlic Mashed Taters: I plan to make a smaller portion than usual, but I love me some carbs so we will see.

Sweet Potatoes: I can't find the original recipe I was going to use that had goat cheese in it, but this is pretty close.

Butternut Squash: I made this recipe a few weeks ago and it was amazing! Seriously, so simple after you hack apart the squash. Boil for 10, brown the butter, add the sage and pour over the top.

Here is my picture:

Green Beans: I just love almonds & beans together.

Rolls: Pillsbury - yep cheating on this one, but they are just so good. I don't have a popovers pan or I would have made those.

Cranberry: My mom has an awesome raspberry cranberry sauce and so I have to find her recipe. Otherwise, I'm going this route

Dessert: My mom is making her apple pie and I'm going to try this pecan cheesecake pie

And my family always puts out a pre-dinner spread with cheese, crackers, sausage, crab dip and more so I'm going to be a chubby kid after the meal, but I think it will all be worth it!

Did I miss anything? Is there something that is a must on your table every Turkey Day?

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