Friday, November 15, 2013

No Spend November - Mid-Month Check In

It's November 15th, so I'm half way through No Spend November and things are still on track for the most part from my first post.

Here is an update:

1) I barely even notice that I'm not seeing my boutiques on Facebook and haven't had the urge to shop online since I UnLiked all of them.

2) I have only gone into Walgreen's twice and my total between both trips was $6 so that is a lot better.

3) I have eaten out twice for lunch but I have made a conscious effort to bring leftovers from home.

4) Working out hasn't really happened. I tried to run last Saturday and was almost blown into traffic. I decided after .4 that it was waaayyy to windy and to turn around. Unfortunately I haven't even done any indoors workouts either. I really have to get on this for the second half of the month.

5) I have cooked at home and eaten at home. I made some great Italian Pasta with almost all ingredients being int he house already and a chicken and squash meal. Both meals provided me plenty of leftovers so I have been good on that end.

6) I have no used a credit card yet this month!

7) I haven't necessarily pulled out cash but I consciously think every time I pull out my debit card. At least the money is then gone and I don't have to pay for it all a second time.

8) I haven't stayed home as much as I thought but I have had some opportunities to enjoy some free events and see some friends for really inexpensive nights. Plus my boyfriend might have paid for me one night when we were out :)

9) I have avoided shopping except for essentials which is an awesome feeling. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to resist but so far so good!

So here's to 15 more days and hopefully I can get a little more on track in some areas and just keep working hard at the others.

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