Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Girl's Night: Martini Style

One of my good friends Tory, recently moved back out to Oconomowoc into a brand new studio apartment. She invited me and Shauna over to check out the place, have dinner, and then go out for drinks at her favorite martini place.

First off, I have to say that I love Tory's place. Although it is a studio and smaller, the kitchen is very spacious and even has an island so she only had to buy two bar stools and not a table. The layout really makes it almost like there is a bedroom, just with a half walk. I really like it.

We made some simple wraps for dinner with tortillas, boiled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ranch and bacon. The bacon was made in the oven, one of Shauna's specialties. Preheat to 400, lay bacon on a foil lined pan, cook bacon until it just starts to render grease, flip once and finish until your preferred doneness. This was fabulous. So fabulous, that we ate it all without me taking a picture :(

After our dinner, we drove over the Splash, a martini bar right in downtown Oconomowoc. Tory loves this place and wanted us to enjoy it as well. When you first walk in, it looks like a bar with high bar tables across from the bar. But beyond that is the back lounge area. We grabbed three comfy chairs and settled in. The place was decently crowded and it gave us some time to look through the martini book.

It was a rather large book with a ton of specialty martini's inside. I tend to go for fruitier ones and chose the Blackbird, with fresh blackberry puree and a ton of other things. Tory chose the Flirtini that is made with X-rated and champagne and Shauna got the peanut butter cup martini.

The martini's are shaken at the bar and then poured at the table. Shauna's was so thick and creamy, it took a while to pour out and Tory's champagne was added at the table as well. I don't think shaking a martini with champagne in it is such a great idea.

We cheers'd, sipped, chatted and relaxed. Two of Tory's other friends that live in the area joined us for a drink and it was a really fun night.

They don't have many food options except chips and salsa and a cheese tray, but you can order appetizers from Cornerstone. And they have live music on most Saturday nights - acoustic relaxing music to sip a martini or two with.

I did read that you can rent out Splash for special occasions, like bridal showers, birthdays, etc. I think that would be a really fun idea and got me thinking about Shauna's Bridal Shower, however Oconomowoc is a little bit of a drive. But I will definitely look into other bars for this as well.

I recommend checking this place out with your girlfriends, or whomever, and it seems that in warmer weather, there is a nice patio to relax on that overlooks the lake.

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