Friday, November 22, 2013

Andrea's Red Rooster

A few weeks ago, my coworkers and I ended a meeting at a client's office right at lunch time. So what else was there to do but to go out for a bite. I suggested Andrea's Red Rooster and neither had been there before. They were in for a treat.

My history with the Red Rooster goes back to my junior year of college and looking for a part-time summer job to fill my days with while making some easy cash.  I was told of this job opening and that they even suggested me for the job from fellow industry coworkers and I became the summer hostess. Lunches could get pretty hectic as I had to manage the phone, place to-go orders and make sure tables were cleared and ready to go quickly. I even refilled beverages and took a few orders when we got really slammed.  I served a few dinner shifts but it really wasn't my thing at that time.

I left at the start of the school year and since then, there is no longer a hostess position and it's seat yourself style! They have a beautiful back patio (that was freshly constructed when I worked there) to have a drink or a meal on. Some walls have been removed and high top tables have been added.

My friends stumbled across this place when they lived at The Meadows on Springdale in Waukesha and we would meet for evening drinks on a nice warm summer night. Now none of my friends live in The Meadows, so it's not as convenient for us to go there. :(

Ok - back to current times. We walked in for lunch to a pretty packed restaurant but found a high top that worked perfectly for our trio. We were happily greeted by our server and supplied menus with a lot of options.

I decided on the Grilled Chicken Portabella with chips, John got the triple stacked club with fries and CT chose the Cajun Chicken with sweet potato fries.

The food came out really quickly for a lunch hour and all of us were really impressed with our meals. John and CT commended me on my selection of restaurants as they tend to stay pretty mainstream. The last place I did guide them too no longer served lunch but they tried another place in downtown Waukesha and enjoyed it.

I'm hoping to do lunches with some of my coworkers once a month. It's good for us to get out of the office and talk about life instead of always just work stuff.

And maybe I can get my friends out there for Monday or Tuesday night wing specials that they have. We have our favorite place for wings but maybe it's time to branch out!? And the fish fry sounds great too - I am always up for a fish fry!

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