Monday, October 14, 2013

Key Westconsin For Lunch

Image courtesy of Key Westconsin
I just had to take in the beautiful weather on Friday, because it might be close to one of our last beautiful Fall days in Wisconsin. I decided I was going to multi-task on my lunch by placing my lunch order, getting an errand done and then picking up the lunch, all while enjoying the colors of the trees, the warm sunshine, and the awesomeness that is downtown Waukesha.

I chose Key Westconsin for lunch as the lobster rolls that I feasted on last time popped into my head last week and I decided it was time for them again.

I checked out the lunch menu and decided instead of just Lobster rolls, that I was going to try two sliders. I got one lobster roll and then a crab cake on a pretzel bun.  I chose the potato salad as my side because I remembered it to be quite creamy and very delicious. The cool thing was that when I placed the order, the server was nice enough to ask if I needed anything prepared gluten free. They have an entire gluten free menu and really strive to serve those with allergies to food the best they can.

I hopped out of work, ran my errand, snapped a few Fall pictures in Waukesha and walked into the tropics.

Image courtesy of Key Westconsin
Key Westconsin has a great theme on the inside that really brings the "Keys" to Wisconsin. A sunset is painted on the walls with palm trees and very tropical colors in the place make it lively and fun.

I was greeted by Rita, the owner, and she enthusiastically brought me my food and told me I was going to really enjoy it. I saw a few other entrees coming out of the kitchen while I was paying and everything looked so tasty. The place smelt really good too!

I got back to work and popped open the box to reveal the lobster roll, crab cake slider, potato salad and a lemon wedge.

I started with the crab cake as I knew I was going to like the lobster roll (just in case I was saving the best for last). However, the crab cake outdid the lobster roll but not by much. The cake is pretty much all lump crab meat with a little lime aioli. It was outstanding. It was moist and went perfectly with the pretzel bun.

The lobster roll was excellent again, overfilled with lobster, a little mayo and celery to add crunch. And the toasty, butter roll it was on just finished the sandwich off perfectly.

The potato salad was just as creamy as I remember with red potatoes, a little onion and celery for crunch.

I highly suggest you check this place out for lunch or dinner or whenever. I have had the fish fry, seafood casserole and scallops and I loved every dish. The shrimp cocktail even comes up in a martini glass - so classy! So with the cooler days coming our way, step into the tropics and try out Key Westconsin.


  1. Just read your Foxian Key West review in "Takin It" at 1600 hrs, 10-15.

    It's too early for me even for breakfast, but you made me salivate with your words and photos.

    I'm gonna try your recommends, soon!


  2. make that 0600 hrs. OK, it's been a while since I was in the Army......