Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Fall - It's Pumpkin Time 2

So now that we are officially in October, I am finding so many more pumpkin items out there. There are so many, that if I would buy them all, I would need a second source of income and a storage locker to house it all. I have found yogurt, bagels, butter, cream cheese, English muffins, granola bars, pancake mix, soup, M&Ms....the list goes on and on. I couldn't buy all of those, but I did get some to try and so far I have been pleasantly surprised.

Pumpkin Pie flavored lip balm. I found this in Spring at Good Harvest Market and it's getting to the end, but I use it right before bed. It's like my form of calming lavender scent that some people use to fall asleep :)
A former co-worker turned me onto this Lean Cuisine meal and started my obsession with butternut squash. The hint of sweet in the meal is perfect to balance the veggies and cream sauce.
I was hoping to find a single container of pumpkin yogurt, but found a 4-pack of mini yogurts. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor. Start with a vanilla yogurt and add just a hint of pumpkin to it - very delicious and almost could be a dessert! And just 60 calories in 4 oz.
This entire meal is brought to you from O What a Day Cafe. The cubano wrap was heavenly and the fresh fruit was oh so tart. The roasted sweet potato soup (sure it's not pumpkin, but it's fall flavored) was amazing. I added the apple pieces to it, but not the bacon. I didn't want to lose the flavor of the sweet potato and sometimes bacon can do that. I wish I would have gone back and ordered more to take home, yep that good! On a side note, the cafe is moving in 2014 and I'm just hope it doesn't move too far. I don't go here often, but after having amazing soup here now twice and great wraps, it is on my radar. So please don't move far!!!!

This is the muffin from the first post on pumpkin that I did. I don't recommend these. This was my first true disappointment in a pumpkin product. The muffins taste more spiced than actually pumpkin and they are really dry! And they are tiny!!!! For the fat and calorie content, I would chose something better.

Like these!!! The crunchy granola top, paired with the creamy pumpkin frosted bottom makes an excellent snack. Sure they aren't too good for you, but one as a snack will really hit the spot. (2 point plus on WW, as I found on this blog.)

So that is a bit more pumpkin - hope to try a few more things this week and weekend and report back more on my findings. Oh and the beer - well my cousin is having her annual Fall Fest beer tasting at the end of the month, so I think I might save these and buy a few more to take up by her for just that occasion!

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