Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Premium Cocktails Without All the Work

As a woman in my early 30s, I enjoy my fair share of cocktails but sometimes I hate pulling out all the ingredients (or even having to go buy all of them) to make a margarita or cosmopolitan -- and sometimes the pre-made ones by Mike's or Smirnoff are just too sweet and don't taste right. 

Well, I think I might have found the solution. Kiss Mix Premium Liquor Cocktails sent me some of their product and asked for my honest opinion on them. I was pretty stoked when I saw the awesome insulated cooler filled with goodies show up at my door.  How cute are these cans with the lip prints on them?!


I just so happen to be going to a Milwaukee Brewers game with a few ladies and in Wisconsin, we tailgate before we go into the games. This was the perfect time and place to try out the cocktails. I added a blue ice pack to the cooler before leaving the house and the drinks were perfectly chilled for tailgating. 
Tory and Kelly were just as excited as me to try the cocktails and so we each chose one to start with. I love Cosmopolitans (and the color pink) so I started with that one. It was a pomegranite and cranberry, so it wasn't as tart as other cosmos that I have had. You can definitely taste the alcohol in them but it doesn't over power the flavor. I really liked this one - shaken over ice and it would be excellent out of the can too.

Tory chose the screwdriver and said that it had a really good 'real orange juice' taste to it and not a fake carbonated taste. I took a sip and agreed that it tasted really good. We also didn't notice any aluminum taste to the drinks which is good and sometimes a thing that people dislike about canned beverages.

Kelly chose the Lemon Drop and although she has never had a lemon drop shot before (the girl needs to get out - jkjk Kelly), she liked the flavor. She thought it tasted like a nice hard lemonade and on a warmer summer night, really hits the spot.

We then popped open the Margarita and Gin & Tonic to try. The Margarita was pretty good with a nice, refreshing lime taste. I'm not a Gin & Tonic fan and neither was Tory or Kelly so we weren't really sure about the taste. If they had a Vodka & Tonic version, I would be all over that. I definitely tasted tonic but I don't really know gin to know how accurate the taste was. I see on the website you can submit flavor suggestions!

We then went into the game and enjoyed a Brewers win - that didn't happen very often this season, but I still enjoy watching my guys take the field and rack up some hits. And....there is always next year!

I recommend trying these Kiss Mix Premium Liquor Cocktails the next time you are looking to have a premium drink without all the effort. They do really resemble the taste of the real thing. The alcohol content is 8% per each 8oz can and they are made with natural flavors.

And, because they are in cans, you can take these to places that fancy glasses can't go - such as beaches, pools, boats, etc. 

I was shopping at Woodman's this past weekend and saw that they carry the Kiss Mix Cocktails and the packages also had rebates on them - so take advantage and go out and get one. I also see from the Kiss Mix website, they are found at a few stores in the area.

Kiss Mix Premium Liquor Cocktails provided me a goody bag of their beverages. Although I was provided the product, the review is my own honest opinion of the product.

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