Monday, September 23, 2013

Move It Monday: Egg Muffins

I have been looking for healthier breakfast options as I am starting to get bored with yogurt and granola. I don't want to burn out on it and a warm breakfast on a cooler morning is always a good option to keep me warm in my freezing office.

And I'm starting my morning workouts again - my cousin and I have a bet of loser buys Starbucks on the line. #PSL for her #Chaitea for me! Today I got up and did a quick workout of crunches, lunges, squats, leg lifts, planks and pushups. I'm feeling great!

I have had this recipe on my Pinterest breakfast page for quite sometime and I used it as inspiration for my own mini crust-less quiches.

 Separating the eggs was a bit difficult as the white was really stuck to my eggs.
 I used fresh broccoli florets and stems that I steeped for just 5 minutes.
I had Aldi's brand of light Swiss cheese wedges and decided to chop up a few of those and keep the cheese light on the inside. (Note: wet the knife when cutting the wedges to make chopping easier.)
 Then you combine it all together and stir.
I didn't stir the egg whites in well enough in the beginning and had to strain them out and start over. It was a little messy, but this helped to have consistent egg muffins.
 At the last minute, I added some pre-cooked bacon for a little more flavor.
 And 30ish minutes later, I had beautiful egg cups.

Healthy Mini Crust-Less Quiches
4 whole eggs
2 egg whites
3 wedges light Swiss cheese, chopped (like Laughing Cow or Happy Farms)
2 cups broccoli florets and stems, chopped and steeped for 5 minutes
1/4 cup milk
salt & pepper to taste
2 pieces pre-cooked bacon, sliced into 12 pieces

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray with non-stick spray 12 muffin tins. Mix eggs and white together thoroughly in a medium sized bowl. Add broccoli, milk, cheese salt and pepper and stir to combine.  Spoon into 12 muffin tins filling each cup 3/4 full - no fuller. Add 1 piece of bacon onto the top of each cup. Cook for 25-30 minutes, or until egg is browned on top and is solid.

Let cool. These will last up to a week in the fridge in a tightly sealed container.

I take two to work with me and warm them in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

My mom thought of taking one to work with her and mashing it between an English muffin for an egg sandwich and make it a little more filling. I might have to try that with my next batch.

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  1. I definitely want to try these! What a great breakfast idea! Thanks for the recipe, Sarah. Pinning now!