Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Annual MKEFoodies Picnic

If you are from the Milwaukee area and have a love of all things food related - checking out new places, hearing from area chefs, making new food and more - then you definitely need to become a part the MKEFoodies group. I have been a part of the group for 2 years now and I have zero complaints about it and tons of admiration and positive words for the spectacular founders that provide me the opportunities to check out new places, try new foods and tour restaurants among other things.

Sunday was the annual MKEFoodie picnic held again at the Estabrook Park Beer Garden. This year, we were blessed with fabulous weather that no one could complain about. Last year we were in a downpour and had to rig up tarps in the trees and wear ponchos (but we were all troopers!) We were completely deserving of the weather this year!

As for food - there was plenty! We were even treated to some new treats. I had the opportunity to try SA Braai sausage and Afro-Fusion Cuisine jerk chicken wings. I was unfortunately way to full to try the Sprecher brats from Neukirchen Wurst Co. (gotta love their website address: http://www.bratsthatmakeyourbunslookgood.com). But I did find out that I can purchase a package of them at the Expo Citgo, just down the road from my work in Waukesha. I was told the Sweet N Sassy is like a breakfast sausage as it's made with Sprecher Root Beer! 

If you haven't been to the Estabrook Beer Garden I highly recommend it. If you bring your own glass, they will fill it with either a 1/2 liter or full liter of beer for a very reasonable price. If you forget a glass, it's a $5 deposit that you get back when you bring the glass back empty and in one piece. 

Ok - Back to what I actually at (and drank).

My first plate consisted of the SA Braai sausage (South African spiced sausage) with a mango, slightly spicy chutney (so good), a salami wrapped breadstick, cucumber dill sandwich, olive tapenade pinwheel roll, watermelon onion salad and delicious rice. This plate was my favorite - I loved everything and wiped it clean before going for seconds. I had a Munich Hofbräu Hefe Weizen beer with this plate.

Plate two consisted of Afro-Fusion Cusine mild jerk chicken, kale salad, green beans, egg slice, cream cheese pepper, a grape leaf wrap, fried plantains and crockpot beans. I wasn't a fan of the grape leaf wrap, but others raved about them. My fave was the plantains on this plate, followed by the kale salad. I already was provided that recipe from Karen Cooks It Personal Chef .

The beer garden was really busy on Sunday, and we were even entertained with some great polka music. And our vendors, that graciously supplied us food, and the group got some wonderful exposure from all the folks coming for beer and music. There were people that brought cheese and crackers and then ordered wine (yep that's available too at the garden) a birthday party, and other enjoying Wisconsin Summer all in the park.
My second beer was Dunkel Lager and although I was extremely full at this point - this was really refreshing. You can't take beer in glass on the scenic path, so we set ours in the shade and took in the views.

Then it was time for dessert - well sort of. I had to get more plantains, another cucumber sandwich, but also the peanut butter/cocoa krispie cake and a smores bar. Both were rich but delicious and my beer pairing seemed to be spot-on at that moment. This is where I ran out of room in my belly and had to say no to the rest of the yummy food.
I needed to burn a few (very few) calories off and so we brought out Jenga and got a few people to watch and play. The wind definitely helped us lose in both games around level 31, but it definitely got some more great attention for the group. Others in the park were playing bocce ball, ladder golf, bags, frisbee, catch and more.

If you like what you read here and want to become involved in more events like this or events that are based around Milwaukee's local food scene, then consider joining the #mkefoodies group. Start by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter to get yourself in the loop. I hope to see you at an event soon!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Sarah! Glad you enjoyed the salad. The picnic was a hoot.
    Karen Cooks It