Monday, July 1, 2013

Move It Monday: 10k Training Begins

July starts today and we are officially half way thru 2013! I can hardly believe it.

Wisconsin was blessed with one of the most beautiful weekends of the year and I took full advantage.

View from my backyard on Friday evening.

Friday my grandma came over and Dad served up his amazing fish fry. We fry it outside so the house doesn't smell all fishy and the mess it kept outdoors. The fish was breaded in a cornmeal mix and the fries were lightly seasoned with Lawry's. We heated up the grill just to keep everything warm while more was frying.

Saturday, I walked the Summerfest grounds from end to end and only had to stop moving around 10 pm at Imagine Dragons. As you can read from here and here and here, no one was moving on the grounds! I also couldn't hear the band at all (straight back from the stage) and ended up making my way over to another side stage to actually hear music and move around. Didn't stay long enough to hear this one, (and I wouldn't have heard it anyways) but it sounds great and hope they come back to the BMO or Marcus Stage next year :)

Today, I spent some time out on the patio getting a little sun, and then decided to cook up a Skirt Steak from the #MKEFoodies picnic from last summer. It was from Red Meat Market and I highly recommend checking out their cuts. It got lost in the deep freeze (that I inventoried last weekend) and I'm glad I found it. I used this marinade on the skirt steak and to ribeyes and it was absolutely wonderful over a bed of greens. Seriously, try this marinade. So simple, yet sooooo good.

The grilled veggies were awesome as well. Used a little Penzey's Salad Elegant, EVOO and grill power to flavor up the potatoes.

Balsamic Vinegar, EVOO, salt and pepper on the zucchini. 
EVOO and Salad Elegant on the mushroom skewers. 
Finished product!
My parents went for a cruise yesterday and stopped at this Winery in Milton and of course they brought some home. The Pinot Noir was nice and mellow and perfect with the steak.

And then the real fun began....I started my 10k training for the Monster Quarter Marathon Run in Whitnall Park in October. I am not a fan of the app I started using as I can't see my distance and see how I'm doing. It's the 10k For Pink Free.

I warmed up for 5 minutes and then alternated 1 minute of running and 1.5 minutes of brisk walking for 20 minutes, and then a 5 minute cool down. I wish I could see my pace and how far I actually ran. Any suggestions are welcome for better apps to use!

I felt great on the whole run but let me tell you....Red Wing Blackbirds are vicious!!!! I was attacked twice on my route. The bird actually pulled my hair! Turning around and seeing the bird divebombing your head makes the bird seem like this

Suggestions on how to keep the birds from attacking my head? Maybe wear a light in my hair or aluminum foil? I know foil scares the birds from building nests on my parents garage lights. According to this video, they like the bouncing hair - maybe I need to wear a hat?

So now that I ended June on such a good note, I hope to continue this into July. I was hoping to be at a much lower weight and be a bit stronger by now, but well....I guess I let it slide. I hope to stay on track this time and have a fellow blogger that is going to help me stay accountable.

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  1. And that fellow blogger has been slacking lately and needs to get back on track as well! Oh my goodness, birds?!! How freaky!

    I really like Map My Run, it tracks your route, gives total time (w/ info on your pace and splits), total distance, elevation info, and you can save your workouts. The pace screen also has the elevation in the background so you can see how your pace changed with the elevation, sometimes it's pretty funny :D You can connect it to post to Twitter/FB and you can find friends on there too and you can see each other's workouts. I have the + version that was 2.99 but there is a free version too, can't remember what the difference is. Let me know if you get it!