Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Phone Dump Edition

I have done a lot this month and can't believe that June is almost over. Time is at a premium lately so here is a "phone dump version" of Waukesha. Basically, it's my time in Waukesha via pictures I took.

Rochester Deli special of the day last week! The creamy spread MADE this sandwich. I couldn't stop eating! And the pasta salad...yum. I did get the PB chocolate dipped cookie but ate the evidence :)

Mural almost done on Clinton St. Gallery -  Welcome to GuitarTown!

Dinner for Dad's birthday at Matteo's - soooooo good!

A nice walk at Frame Park on the way to Waukesha Freeman Friday Night Live!

My favorite large guitar - Wisconsin in mirrors

Another guitar on display

Work in progress mural on Waukesha Monument

Painting around the words - I have to get you guys a finished pic - this one is awesome!

Mural on Ace Hardware

Mural on St. Joseph's Wall

Not in Waukesha, but isn't my Brewer's Fruit Pie awesome?

Jumbo Jenga at Miller Park while tailgating at the Brewers game.

Jumbo Jenga in Waukesha

Bought this mix at Plowshare Gifts.....

These are the lightest, fluffiest Snickerdoodles I have ever had - must buy more!

Carl Zac Racing Classic - Seriously, I'm coming back next year for this!

Starry Night Guitar - LOVE IT! (This is my favorite painting ever!!!)

Les Paul Guitar on the top - GuitarTown has really gone all out!

Another Starry Night - so Happy! 

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