Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Key Westconsin

Have you ever watched Today's TMJ4's Dirty Dining? Courtny Gerrish checks in on local restaurants and reports on failed health inspections and looks for answers as to why the business isn't cleaning up its act.

BUT she also hands out Blue Ribbons to restaurants that come through with "sparkling" inspections!!!! Waukesha's very own Key Westconsin was just awarded a Blue Ribbon in March. In fact, they had clean health inspections two years in a row!

I have eaten at Key Westconsin quite a few times and it's a shame that for some reason, I have never blogged about it. Well here I go! My first experience there was right after it opened with my friend Tiffany. We love trying new places and we weren't disappointed. The decor is very warm and inviting. You really think you have been removed from Wisconsin and put in a beach side restaurant! Don't believe me? Check out the images on the Facebook page.

NOTE: Almost the entire menu at Key Westconsin can be prepared gluten-free - love restaurants that take into account those with allergies!

I'll share about my most recent visit and then recap the others below:

A few weeks ago, the weather finally hit above 30 and got sunny so I decided to do a walk around town. The first place I passed was Key Westconsin and I remembered my friend sharing that they had Lobster rolls on the lunch menu. I instantly looked up the number (while still walking) and placed an order for pickup. It was going to be ready in about 15 minutes to I did a lap around downtown.

Passed the Rotunda and headed down South Street

Headed down South to Clinton and looped back to Key Westconsin. 

Owner Gary was working behind the bar when I walked in and gladly helped me with my order. It was all bagged up and ready, so I paid and was back on my way. 

And here is what I saw when I opened it up at work--Heaven in a styrofoam container! :)

I have never had Lobster Rolls before but watched something recently on the Food Network on it and for me, you can't go wrong with lobster salad on a toasty buttery bun. 

It was definitely something I wish I would have split with a friend. Even though they are slider size, they were filling. I did eat both, but almost immediately fell into a food comma for the afternoon of work. It was delicious. Cold lobster salad with great spices on a soft, toasty roll. 

Key Westconsin will now stay on my radar for all its slider lunch options as it's super convenient to get to from my job. BONUS: In summer it has outdoor dining. 

Previous visits:
Tiffany and me: The shrimp cocktail served in a martini glass was right on - perfect spice in the cocktail sauce and presented beautifully. I had the seafood casserole and Tiffany had the scallops. My meal was rich and creamy and I loved it. The garlic bread was a wonderful addition to each meal. Tiffany loved her scallops - nice and tender, no rubberband texture.

My next time, I went with my mom and she ordered the crab cakes and I got the scallops (Tiff's looked too good to resist ordering). My mom thought the crab cakes were loaded with crab and not filler which is awesome, and the scallops were seared perfectly. Again, no rubberband situation going on.

The Family: We then brought my dad for a fish fry one Friday and we were all members of the clean plate club again. Not to mention the fish fry is really reasonably priced.

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