Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Jose's Blue Sombrero

I have some pretty deep ties with the building that houses Jose's Blue Sombrero on Barker and Bluemound in Brookfield. My first serving job was at Annie's American Cafe, a burger joint similar to a Big Boy. I only worked there a short few months before the place closed, but the friends I made are still friends of mine today. We signed menus like yearbooks on our last day and shared some laughs and tears.

From the Wausau location - ah memories!
I followed a few of them back to the building when Gondola Grille opened and I became a server and bartender. I would work open to close almost everyday and experiment behind the bar for hours at a time. Unfortunately an accidental setting off of the sprinkler system closed that restaurant and kept the building vacant for a few years.

Then came along Jose's Blue Sombrero that did a complete overhaul and reinterpreted the entire building into a tex-mex-looking gem. The entrance is on the other end from when it was Annie's and besides some brick walls on the inside, you wouldn't even recognize the former restaurants.

I have only been to Jose's twice, once right after it opened and just last weekend. The food is fresh and fun and I hear the Happy Hour is amazing. (I might have to get to that soon.)

Chelsea, founder of Good Friend Inc. and I worked the Good Friend booth the Autism Speaks Walk at the BMO Harris Bradley Center last week. We were starving when we left and then two traffic jams (one construction and one car fire) made us beyond hungry and we decided on Jose's because drinks and chips would be readily available. :)

We walked in around 1 pm on a Saturday and were told it would be a 15 minute wait, but we noticed the bar tables were available so we ate in the bar.

Chelsea told me about these awesome Tornado drinks, a combo of frozen margarita and frozen sangria in one mug. I just had to have it. Best. Decision. Ever! I am going to have to make those this summer. It was so refreshing and hit the spot perfectly.
Tornado - sangria and margarita from Jose's Blue Sombrero

We were then provided a basket of chips and individual salsas to enjoy with the chips. The salsa was mild with great cilantro flavor.

I decided on the Guanajuato Al Pastor (don't ask me or our server to say it as we both butchered it), pork loin with pineapple and onion.

I received four tacos on the plate with rice and beans. There beans are really smooth and creamy and I almost finished all of them before eating my tacos. The rice was pretty typical Spanish rice.
Jose's Blue Sombrero
But now onto the tastebud explosion. I think the only tacos I can compare (and not even on the same level) were the Barbacoa tacos at Bel Air Cantina in Milwaukee. The meat was seasoned perfectly and the pineapple added a sweet to combat the slightly spicy sauteed onions. The cilantro was nice and fresh and I could only finish 2 of the 4 tacos. This could definitely be a meal to split with someone if you enjoy the chips and salsa before.

I have to definitely remember this place is around because I really enjoyed my food. There are two of them in the area - Racine and the Brookfield location and I definitely suggest you check it out for great quality Mexican cuisine.


  1. Their guac is great, made fresh tableside for you! Jose's is so close to my office, I may need to head there for happy hour now.... :)

  2. My co-worker was just telling me about this place last week, which was the first I had heard of it. My husband loves Mexican food and I love margaritas, so we'll have to get there soon!