Monday, April 29, 2013

Move-It Monday

April was an extremely busy month and I'm excited for it to be over actually. I had so many things come up out of the blue that I felt I had zero time for extra things. Unfortunately the blog fell into the extra things category. Hopefully May will free up more of my time. And maybe I need to read the book above??

Another thing that didn't seem to fit into my schedule was working out as much as I wanted to. But I got back to the gym yesterday for a kickboxing class and boy-oh-boy am I feeling it today. It's a different workout than the boot camps that I do, but I worked just as hard or harder and sweat just as much or more in this class. Boot camp usually makes me feel it in my core and quads, but kickboxing killed my upper calves and arms.

Tracie, the kickboxing instructor at Energize Zone comes up with some great combinations and she keeps a good speed to get us adjusted to the moves before picking up the pace. Because of all of the boxer stances and back-and-forths, I know that is why my calves are so tight.

My arms are sore from really going all out on the jabs, cross and hammers. I feel like I'm back in Poms and I'm hitting each move precisely - thus the sore arms today.

With my legs being so tight, I decided a walk would be the best for me. Big Bend is under construction so I took a gander down Clark Street to see the progress. It's pretty much down to one lane with large equipment and gravel everywhere. I hope they stay on schedule and get the road done quickly.

I headed down into the park to check out the river and although it was high, I got this amazing shot of the sunset. It really was so peaceful down there -- minus the bugs that kept flying in my face :)

I hope to get out for a lot more walks and runs and get to more kickboxing and boot camp classes in May. I must do it in order to hit my goal I set for myself. :)

I am also in search of my next run for 2013. I don't have anything on my plate until August, so if you have suggestions, I'm open to them -- 7k and under as I'm still working my way to a 10k and am not there yet.

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