Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Recap

Although I had a Malware issue at the end of March, I still managed to get 12 posts out. They were rather well received and I see my readership increasing almost daily. I cannot thank you guys enough for that. If you think that someone else would enjoy reading my blog, please share it with them or ask them to like my Facebook page. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to share things that you like.

So what were the most read posts? I wanted to do a top 5, but because two of them were a tie, I have a top 6.

5 (tie): Pork Burritos - these were soooooo good! I still remember the flavor and having a cold margarita with a salted rim was perfect.

5 (tie): Mock Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - this was the dessert for the pork burritos irronically and received rave reviews from Matt. I left him a container with nine of them in it and I think it was a day or two later that he told me he finished them off!!! I would have had a belly ache, but isn't that a guy for you? Bottomless pit that doesn't gain an ounce?

4. Book Review of Blackberry Winter - I'm currently writing my review of this month's selection The Fault In Our Stars that I also listened to on CD and will be sharing that soon as part of PB Finger's blog reviews.

3, 2, 1 - Lori, Karen and Beth's Wellness Journeys and the Energize Zone. These ladies are just amazing and still motivate me to stick with it now that my challenge is done. Time to join challenge number 2 this Wednesday and continue my nutritional education. You can't beat eight weeks of Boot Camp classes and eight nutrition classes. Keep drinking your water!!!

So additional things that happened in March that haven't made the blog yet and some will are:

St. Patty's Day 7k

Rumchata Car Bomb Cupcakes

Meeting Phillip Phillips

Checking out the Harley-Davidson Museum

Easter Dinner

Happy April - I have a lot in store, so I hope you stay with me this month and in the future. Again thanks for reading!

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