Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars

I participated in Peanut Butter Fingers' online book club for the second month in a row. I enjoyed reading other's thoughts on last month's book and to be able to do it at my leisure is always a bonus. I haven't made the jump to have my own book club yet with my friends, but hopefully come summer when we can lounge on a patio with wine (can't have book club without it) and discuss a book or two.

This month's selection chosen by members of the club was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  I had recognized the cover of this book prior to starting it and it was given many awards in 2012. I again chose to do the audio version of the book as it was easier for me to listen to the book in the car than sit down and read it. 

I found myself more and more not wanting to shut off my car to finish another chapter and hear just a bit more about the characters. 

You know from the start that main character Hazel has terminal cancer and is just a teenager trying to get by and enjoy life as much as her crappy lungs will allow. She has a favorite book that she has read over and over and upon meeting an interesting boy, she shares the book with him, growing a bond between them that only they can truly understand - he too has cancer. They become almost inseparable as their impact in each other's lives is so drastic, yet amazing!

There were quite a few moments that I found myself ready to cry and by the end, I did cry. It's a sad but real story about life. That's all I'm going to give away as I think that everyone should read this book if they can. It's very well written (read as well) and definitely gets you to not want to put the book down. 

I can't wait to read other's perspectives on the book. The posting will be on Peanut Butter Finger's blog soon, so keep a look out :)

PS - Cancer is evil! As if you didn't know that already..


  1. Sounds like an amazing book. Oh and I totally agree, you cannot have a book club without wine :)

  2. I did the book club this month too and loved this book even though it was sad.

  3. I wanted to give this book a read for a long time....and trust me when I say was well worth it!

    This book makes its author and his other creations famous!

    Some books have words that you find hard but never bother to look up the dictionary for its meaning. But this book and its collection of "hard words" intrigue you into finding their meaning so that you don't miss a thing!