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Move-It Mondays: Beth's Energize Zone Story

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my blog to Coach Ken at Energize Zone and after a brief discussion, I have decided to do some featured posts about the club and share some great success stories from those that inspire me.  I can see how the club has worked for them and I cannot wait to share my own success story in the future. The new addition of the "Wall of Fame" at the club has really motivated me to keep it up!

Beth was the first person to contact me wanting to share her story. After hearing it, I am even more motivated to continue my journey and ecstatic for her loss so far!

Beth began her weight loss journey prior to joining the Zone, but wasn't happy with the way she was feeling. She was determined to lose the weight one way or another because she wants to be able to start a family of her own. Beth has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and from what I have read and the little I know about it from a fellow blogger friend, it makes a mess of your hormones and significantly reduces the chance of having a healthy baby. Having a baby is something that Beth really wants and was willing to try anything the doctors suggested to get her healthy. I give her major kudos for sharing these extremely personal details as part of her story, but I know it's her main motivation.

Beth in the summer of 2011
Prior to joining the Zone, Beth had already fallen in love with Zumba classes and was keeping a food journal to help her stay on track. But feeling dizzy and hungry all the time and having no energy, she knew this wasn't the best way for her to get the pounds off. Although she was losing weight, she was feeling lousy while working out and trying to reach a goal. When I work out, I get an endorphin rush that continues even after the workout making me know that I want to go back and work out again.

Beth attended a Zumba party hosted by the Zone where she found out about additional class offerings - boot camps, kickboxing and yoga. The class prices and times were perfect for her and she started taking a boot camp class instead of the bi-weekly Zumba. "Everyone was so supportive and genuine," says Beth. "They understood me and my goals of losing all my excess weight and increasing my chances of actually having children of my own."

Current Weight Loss Challenge Program Info
Shortly there after, Beth joined one of the Zone's Weight Loss Challenge classes (what I am currently enrolled in) and learned life changing info from the nutrition portion of the classes (just like I am!). She learned she wasn't eating enough calories or protein which is vital to a healthy weight loss. Coach Ken helped her read labels, taught her how to handle eating out and even more importantly, determine how much water she should be drinking. Did you know that sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are possibly just thirsty? Try drinking 8 oz of water the next time you have a hunger craving and see what it does :)

Beth implemented these small (but amazing) changes into her week and she is now a total of 80 pounds down (35 were from her previous attempts of diet programs) and she is off almost all of her medications! She can do things now that she never thought she would be able to. This past summer, she participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and can't wait to beat last year's time by 15 minutes! (I have been debating doing one of these runs this summer and her story has just given me the push to consider it more closely!)

Beth in 2013
Beth has more energy than ever and is back to her "spunky self." In April of 2012, she became an Herbalife distributor because she believes in the products and the changes she was seeing in herself and others at the gym and wanted to be able to share her experiences with more people. She has made some great lifetime friendships from the supportive Zone members and enjoys attending classes. Beth says, "I have accomplished more mentally and physically with the Zone then I ever knew was possible."

"The Energize Zone is a true gift to the community. I would not be where I am today without its coaches. They are very knowledgeable and a true asset to the Waukesha area." ~Beth

Compensation for this post was provided by EnergizeZone after I asked to feature the 'Zone. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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