Monday, March 18, 2013

Move-It Monday: Lori's Wellness Story


Sorry for the lateness of this post. I definitely had a bout with Karma today and it came back for me. I had joked about someone else not fact checking yesterday before posting their story, and well, it came back to get me. If you read this post earlier today, it wasn't Lori's story. I apologize for the falsities of it and am here to right my wrong. 

While I continue my recovery efforts from my 7k this past weekend, that I will blog about soon (completed in under an hour and totally pumped for more running!!!), I wanted to share Lori's story of wellness from the Energize Zone.

I met Lori a few weeks into my challenge at Energize Zone and she is truly a rockstar. She started her weight loss journey in in the Fall of 2012 and she told me that it has completely changed her life.

Lori before
Lori was facing two amazing milestones before joining the Zone - turning 50 and having her 25th wedding anniversary. She wasn't feeling like herself, and much older for her years and after following a friend's Facebook posts, she decided to check out Energize Zone.

She didn't realize how much she missed working out, except the mile run that starts each boot camp class (even that she, and I, don't mind anymore). She was hooked fast and joined multiple classes a week to get to her goal.

My first impression of Lori was that she is very motivated and determined to reach her goal. She rocks it out and helps lead in stretches at the end of class so Coach Ken can get ready for the next class. I look to her as a leader as well and know that if I'm having a down day, she will get me pumped up to crush my workout!
"I went from believing that at my age losing weight was beyond my reach to believing any goal is attainable," says Lori. She now takes boot camp, cardio kickboxing and Zumba classes at the Zone. I'm hoping to up myself to three days a week, but living outside of the city makes this a little hard for me (excuses, excuses I know!).

Lori's after photo with other ladies of the Zone
Both her and I see how well informed Coach Ken is and the way he stresses the importance of not only exercise but proper nutrition motivates us. I agree 100% with Lori and Ken and see changes in myself after my Free Wellness Profile last weekend. I make a more conscious effort to watch what I eat and what it will do to my body.

Lori feels a part of a family at the Zone and loves the positive motivation from everyone while we all try to reach our goals. "I can't wait to see what new things will be coming at "THE ZONE" this year!" says Lori."

Lori and her hubby come to the Zone together for some classes and Lori has joined the 24 Challenge at the gym. This is the next level above the Body Transformation Weight Loss Challenge (that I am a part of now).
24 Challenge at the Zone
This coming Saturday, The Energize Zone is hosting a Spring Into Fitness Event. Sign up now to try two classes and some healthy snacks for only $15. Only 50 spots are available and this is an inexpensive way to come check out the gym for yourself. RSVP early this week to guarantee yourself a spot!

Next month, Energize Zone is hosting an Energize Your Life Expo that is open to vendors to sell their products and services (some exceptions apply). See the image below for the details and call Coach Ken to reserve your spot. 

Energize Your Life Expo - April 27

Compensation for this post was provided by EnergizeZone after I asked to feature the 'Zone. Opinions expressed here are my own.  

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