Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Montecito Lunch

Occasionally on my lunch, I like to get in a little walk around downtown Waukesha and then grab something to take back to the office. I had no idea where to go this past week and just started wandering around.

I saw that Montecito's OPEN sign was lit up and headed over to see what they had for lunch. As you walk in the door, you can't miss the specials written on a chalk board straight ahead. It read "Pasta Bowl, salad or soup and bread for $7" and although there were other specials, I stopped reading as this sounded great.

A server politely greeted me and I asked her what the special was all about. She gladly shared the pasta bowl options were spaghetti and meatballs or chicken Alfredo  After my chilly walk, I knew that the Alfredo would hit the spot and placed my order.

While my lunch was prepared, I took a seat at a table in the lounge and waited while it was prepared fresh for me. The lounge has some new artwork added to the walls since I was last there and I can't wait until summer for the patio to be able to be opened and show off how awesome it is. The lamp posts are a nice touch.
Lounge at Montecito with garage door
About 10 minutes later, my entree was brought out by a member of the kitchen and he explained that my butter was in my salad container so it wouldn't melt and wished me a great day. (Very friendly staff!)

I walked back to work with the smell of garlic wafting around me. It made the walk feel warmer than it was.

I opened everything up when I got back to my desk and was amazed at the nice presentation. The salad had a great selection of greens, sliced radishes, carrot slices and broccoli and the dressing was a nice, creamy (I believe homemade) ranch.

I then started in on the entree and it was definitely a homemade Alfredo sauce. It was really creamy and had great seasoning. I had enough leftover for another meal and this was the lunch special!

The roll was one of my favorite parts. I don't know what they do to the roll to make it so irresistible but I'm glad I saved it for the end. It was warm and flaky and almost tasted like it was quickly deep-fried.

I wanted another dozen rolls after finishing that one, but knew that my waistline wouldn't appreciate it and overall I was stuffed!

I hope to make it back to the Montecito for dinner as I have been there a few times for cocktails and know those are great. The restaurant is currently the host of the Waukesha Winter's Farmers Market and even though I haven't made it to one yet, I have seen photos and it looks like a great selection of local goods. It's open 8 - 12 pm.

NOTE: There is a Waukesha Winter Farmers Market this weekend and an Irish Art Crawl on Saturday. For all the details on that, click here.

I did snap a photo of the current drink specials everyday and they sound pretty good.

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