Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: La Estacion

Just last week, I was asked about brunches in Waukesha via Twitter. Thankfully, I used my Groupon for La Estacion a few weeks back and did a brunch with my friend Tiffany. We weren't sure what to expect, but drove on over and hoped not to wait too long.

La Estacion is located just south of downtown Waukesha by the train tracks that divide the city in two. It's the former train depot and has many images in it from days gone by. They have great Mexican food, margaritas and a great summer patio. 

When I arrived, I waited for Tiffany in the bar area and noticed a lot of really long tables full of parties enjoying the brunch. When Tiffany arrived, they sat us in one of the trolley cars. I was a little hesitant at first because someone leaving said that they could barely feel their legs after eating in a car, but we must have been sat in the warm one as I was nice and toasty.

These are legit old train cars that have been re-purposed, while still on the tracks that run through Waukesha. They have tables and booths and lots of light through all the windows. The original shades are still intact, but non-functioning. From our table, I could see the pancake, waffle and egg stations, as well as one of the buffets.

We were instantly greeted by a cheery server who told us briefly about the brunch and told us to have at it. So we did as we were told and headed out of the train car and down to the brunch.

We were instantly overwhelmed but in a good way. We wandered around the seven tables (yes seven!!!) full of food and had no idea where to start. We asked a gentleman that was filling up his plate what was the best and he told us the shrimp plates were the best thing. We looked it over and decided that would be plate two!

I started with one of the buffet carts and filled my plate with steak & mole sauce, steak, peppers & cheese, zucchini pudding, bacon and a strawberry goat cheese salad. I ate everything up and the steak with mole was the only thing that I wasn't a fan of. I'm not sure what sort of meat it was, but I just didn't like the texture. The zucchini pudding was amazing. It tasted like eggs and finely chopped zucchini, cream, salt and pepper.

Plate two was mostly consumed with a made-just-for-me belgium waffle. I put some fresh fruit on it and tried to get some syrup on it, but the container was hard to poor from. I went back for more zuchinni pudding and then some fiesta potatoes and melon. The dessert table was calling my name, but I held off.

Before heading back to the train car, we headed over to the shrimp station to see what it was all about. There were two different shrimp dishes to choose from. I chose shrimp with tequila and orange over rice and Tiffany chose shrimp and cheese over rice. We watched as the shrimp were sauteed in a pan and then with mine having tequila in it, it was set on fire briefly to meld the flavors.

We then headed back to our table, ordered two mimosas and dug in. The shrimp was by far the most amazing thing that I have had on a brunch. The flavors were so fresh. Tiffany agreed about the flavors and we definitely want to go back for nothing more than 12 plates of that!

We never made it to the dessert table as we began catching up and chitty-chatting our way through our last plates. The mimosas were wonderful after the meal while we continued to chat.

I highly recommend this brunch, but it is a little hard to get around when it's crowded because the tables are in U-shapes. But if you don't mind a little wait for the food, it's worth every bite.

Other great area brunches are People's Park and Thunder Bay Grill

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  1. I LOVE their brunch! There's always something new to try. I especially love their guacamole and freshly made tortillas. Yum!