Monday, February 25, 2013

Move-It Mondays: Vacation Workouts

I have returned from Salt Lake City and can hardly believe that the vacation ended a week ago. Back to the real world is so difficult! But I was very proud at my weigh-in last Wednesday at EnergizeZone, I didn't gain anything. I didn't lose either, but after letting myself eat just about whatever I wanted, I know that all the walking we did (and the treadmill/elliptical jaunt) made me maintain. can have fitness built in without realizing it! BONUS!!!

Antelope Island - Too beautiful
Here is the breakdown of activity:

We arrived on Thursday night in Salt Lake City and rented a car to help us be touristy in the city, but our vacation was full of walking for the rest of the days. We did swim a bit in the hotel pool, but it was small so laps weren't exactly possible.

Being touristy at Snowbird
First up on Friday morning was our trip to Snowbird Peak. We drove up and up and up into the mountains and when we arrived at the resort, the lots were pretty full. We just decided to park in any spot we could find and walk to the resort. I bet that equated to a few blocks each way on an incline.

Snowbird Resort and the amazing peak behind it
The resort was too beautiful not to walk through and I had to take a few shots.

Heading up the tram (11,000 feet up!)
When the tram dropped us off on top of the peak, we definitely burned some calories walking in the snow around the top. Although it wasn't that big of an area, I bet I walked a mile total with all the back and forth I did on the top to capture every angle of the gorgeous mountain-tops.

Panorama of Snowbird Peak
At least I had on good shoes, but boots or skis would have worked better at the top!
Tram taking us down
After Snowbird, we drove to Park City and walked the length of the main drag. The street is on a pretty steep angle and we walked down it first, walking through a few shops. Then we had to walk back up to our car; a great incline workout :)
Park City - built right into the terrain

Extremely steep walk up to some apartments
On Saturday, after the Build Your Blog Conference, I decided to check out the fitness room at the hotel. I had walked by a few times and saw a few treadmills, free weights and an elliptical, but no one was ever in there.

The equipment had TVs  to keep me occupied. Unfortunately, my lungs weren't having the (I assume) slightly thinner air and I was having a really hard time keeping up with what I felt was my pace running on the treadmill. After 1.5 miles, I switched to the elliptical and finished strong with 1.6 miles and less winded-ness.

Sunday we walked around the Mormon Tabernacle, City Creek Mall (although closed) and then Antelope Island.
Tabernacle Square
City Creek closed but we still walked around
The Island was also tricky with all the snow covered parts, but definitely worth every second of the serene beauty. NOTE: This is an awesome island to bike around or camp on; it's on my list for a summer trip!
My friends on Antelope Island (note the inappropriate shoe choice!)
Jumped into the snow to get a picture on the Island

The Island did hold up to its name and we did get to see a bit of the wildlife.
Monday was the Aquarium and then booking it through the airport to catch our connection. Denver's airport is ridiculously large, but can easily be navigated.

So besides the treadmill/elliptical workout, the rest of my adventures were inadvertently fitness related too. I'm glad that I love to walk because I would have missed out on so many awesome parts of this trip if I wasn't willing to hoof it a bit :)

I hope to get a Salt Lake City "Food I Ate" recap this week - found some great new places and loved everything I ate!

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