Monday, February 11, 2013

Move It Mondays: Running

2013 is starting off really strong for me. This past week, my fitness challenge boot camp began at Energize Zone and I even got my mom to join!  I was weighed in and measured and then spent an hour working my tail off in a Tabata-style workout. Coach Ken pushes us, but shows us different levels of each move so that we don't end up hurting ourselves. Next week starts the nutrition portion of the class, so this week we had to write down everything that we ate. It really makes me accountable for every snack and treat that I eat and although they are bad, I have still written them down.

On top of the boot camp one day a week, I am considering either taking a second boot camp class or Zumba at Energize Zone or taking a Barre Class at The Movement Center in Pewaukee. On top of these, I will continue my running as I have signed up for my 4th run of 2013 already.

Two weekends ago, I participated in my 3rd virtual run, but the first of 2013. It was called the #chillycheeks run and boy was it chilly. I ran it in 17 degree weather but the roads were in decent shape. I bundled up and enjoyed myself running 3.1 in 40:19. My goal was 40 minutes, so just barely over but still proud.

17 degrees out - yep my cheeks were chilly :) #chillycheeks
Road conditions were fair for #chillycheeks
My next run will happen on March 16th The Lucky Lephrechaun - a 7k (4.3 mile) race in Wauwatosa with a St. Patty's Day appeal. I am set on the gear end due to some awesome supplies of mini hats, bracelets, stickers, socks and shirt from Run Pretty Far Blog.

Besides the gear, I obviously have to get my butt into the training. I have never run 4.3 miles! I probably won't be able to run it all in March either, but I have to keep up on my training and put my heart into it.

This past Saturday, I took to the snow covered streets in my hometown and ran, jogged, walked and slipped through 3.1 miles. But I had a PR for 2013 - 39:24 and I felt amazing after!!!

Skinny paths of pavement to jog on - mainly ran on slushy snow.
That runners high continued all day long and I have high hopes on the horizon to continuously knock off some time each run. Although my ankle is a little sore today, I know that is mostly from the ice/slushy roads and one vehicle not seeing me and forcing me to jump into a snow bank awkwardly to allow them ample space to back out (apparently the entire road wasn't enough space for them and they needed more! Nor did they see me in bright yellow!!!)

Completed the run and in good spirits!
So I will rest my ankle a bit and do a little more core and arm work this week while it heals, but I hope to take advantage of Salt Lake City this weekend (Build Your Blog Conference!) and get in a run in another city (even if it's on a treadmill.) I know I will be walking plenty in the city as we don't have many other modes of cheap transportation available to us and I love walking. Maybe even a hike?

The other runs I have signed up for include The Color Run in August and Storm the Bastille in July. I'm also considering the Zombie Run at Waukesha Expo in May for a fun obstacle course (zombies chasing you, how awesome right?) and The Glo Run in September. I also have the American Cancer Society's Sole Burner in May with my cousin as that was my kick-off run that started all of this. I think I will have no problem hitting my quota of 5 5ks and a 10k this year, but I have to find a 10k still.

If you have any running suggestions, tips or races in the Milwaukee/Chicago area that I should check out, please let me know about them.

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