Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fitness Journey: EnergizeZone

I usually save my fitness posting until Move-It Mondays, but I just couldn't wait and decided to post today. I have been attending the EnergizeZone in Waukesha for two months and this is the first gym/health club that I have ever been a part of that I don't dread going too. Me and fitness have been having a yo-yo relationship in the last few years, and finally I figured out something that works for me.

I am a part of the Weight Loss Challenge Boot Camp, an eight-week boot camp and nutrition class program that I found out about through the Waukesha Patch. These challenges are starting up all the time at EnergizeZone and I highly recommend them if you are looking to lose any amount of weight, or even just tone up.

The Weight Loss Challenge begins with a weigh-in and measurements on week one and weight loss results are shared each week (at your own will.) At the end of the eight weeks, a prize is given to those that lose the most weight and we all celebrate our successes (I can't wait!)

After the weekly weigh-in, the challengers head into the gym for one of Coach Ken's killer boot camp, tabata-style workouts. They are intense, but Coach Ken shows us different levels of each skill so we can do it at our own pace. The class goes by so fast and at the end my legs and arms are usually jello and I feel my workout for a day or so after (I love that!) SIDENOTE: I have never done so many lunges/squats in my life, and if I wasn't in this class, I know I wouldn't be doing as many as I am capable of now.

After the class, Ken makes smoothies for those that put in their orders and we head into the classroom for excellent nutrition information, based on Herbalife products. Although I have only had a few classes, I have learned a lot about what fuel my body needs to perform at its peak daily. I can't wait to continue learning and fine-tuning my daily regimen.

I haven't ordered a protein smoothie or any Herbalife products yet as I have a low tolerance to Vitamin C (wah-wah) and I don't want to have a reaction. My mom and I might split a smoothie next week and possibly try the green tea before making our first purchase.

In just the short time since beginning the challenge, I can already notice many changes in myself, the main one being the way I look at my nutrition and what I am putting into my body and that my running is excelling and its looking good to PR in 2013! I shared this with Ken last week during walking lunges and told him about my blog. I told him that I have written about the Zone in previous posts here and here and here and told him I will definitely continue.

I have met the nicest group of workout folks ever. The former gym I attended (to remain nameless) seemed that everyone was out for the betterment of themselves exclusively and I felt that I was in their way on the equipment. I love the support of the other challengers and other class attendees and I have even asked a few for their stories to share on my blog in the future. Stay tuned for those posts! 
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Besides the weight loss challenges, The EnergizeZone also offers Boot Camp, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, wellness profiles and Herbalife products and a nutrition bar. The facility is also available for hosting events, like the upcoming Mind, Body and Sole Sisters Expo. I heard from a little birdy that Yoga classes could be coming in the near future :)
Mind, Body & Sole Sisters Expo - March 2 at EnergizeZone

Ken is a multi-talented individual and I can't wait to hear his amazing story. The bits and pieces are great so far. Besides running the EnergizeZone, he is a local distributor of the Herbalife products and he can be contacted at ken @ energizezone dot com if you would like further information about Herbalife or would like to place an order.

Compensation for this post was provided by EnergizeZone after I asked to feature the 'Zone. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. This sounds like fun and is a great deal! I wish it was closer to me. I have always loved boot camp classes.