Monday, February 4, 2013

Build Your Blog Conference

I'm really excited to be traveling for my first blogging convention. Salt Lake City - here I come for the Build Your Blog Conference on February. 16

I have never been to Salt Lake City and a friend of mine, Tiffany, wanted to travel more this year, so we decided to make a long weekend out of it and head out for Thursday - Monday.

I'm nervous and anxious but most of all excited to attend this event and really figure out things on my blog.

The schedule was just released for the event recently and I couldn't be more excited for the topics. But unfortunately some of them are at the same time and going solo means I have some tough decisions to make in the next two weeks before it starts.

The breakout seminars are all sooooooo good, with great bloggers running the sessions. I hope to be able to partner with someone or a few someones to be able to cover as much ground as possible. But if I go it alone, I know that I will leave the conference with so much more information to boost my blog, that I will have zero complaints.

The biggest thing I hope to accomplish out of this conference is a complete media kit on my blog. I hope to make my blog more appealing to the local community and increase my readership in the local area. 

Tiffany and I will have half a day Thursday, most of Friday, Saturday evening and all day Sunday to enjoy some fun things in the Salt Lake City/Sandy area. I bought a Groupon for a sushi place in Salt Lake City and am so excited to use it. (Yep I signed up for Groupon & Living Social alerts for SLC so that I can see if any other awesome deals come across during the time we are there.)

If anyone has traveled to SLC or heard of great things to check out while we are there, please share. I'm sure eating at some great places will be a part of it, but doing something outdoorsy will be great too - maybe a hiking area or a good walking tour of a city.


  1. Sounds like a great conference. I've never been to a blogging conference, but have always wanted to!

  2. We're so excited you're coming to the conference! There's a lot of fun things to go do and see: Temple Square, Gardner Village, Park City, skiing, snowshoeing up at Solider Hollow, swimming in the Midway crater, and shopping at City Creek. Some great restaurants is the Copper Onion, Ruth's Diner, Blue Lemon, Cafe Rio (a Utah classic), and Pat's BBQ! You'll have a blast here. Make sure you bring warm clothes!