Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Robert's Specialty Meats

This week is playoff week and the Packers game is on Saturday at 6:30 CST. Usually for Packers parties, I grill something - sliders, burgers, chicken kabobs and most importantly brats!

I bought a Groupon last year for Robert's Specialty Meats in Waukesha on Sunset, that was for 4 pounds of its Ribs on a Stick and some potato salad and dip mixes. I got the ribs on a stick but unfortunately they were out of the mixes and I have to wait for those to come in. But for the inconvenience, they gave me a little over 4 lbs. of ribs - very awesome!

I had no idea how many ribs on a stick were going to be in the package, but I was very happy to see that they were nicely marinated.  We pulled out seven for my mom, dad and I to have with some fresh balsamic marinated green beans and stuffed mushrooms (recipe to come).

We put the ribs on a broiler pan and put them in the oven. Mom handled the cooking and when they were done in the oven (about 15 minutes broiled), we sat down to eat. I marinated the beans in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and then steamed them in a skillet on the stove.

I haven't had meat this tender and fall-off-the-stick succulent in years. I had a similar entree at Bodway's in Waukesha (now Mainstream) but I don't know where they got them from. This was a perfect serving for the three of us.

I pulled the rest of the ribs out to find out how many were in the container and found that I got 21 total. We ended up cooking up the rest of them for a meal later in the week and my dad had 6 this time (hmmm - a bit more hungry?) But they are good!!!! I held back and only had two with the next meal and now there are leftovers for salad toppings or lunch at work.

While I was at Robert's, I saw that the brats were buy 3 packs, get one free from the freezer. These are some of the best brats I have ever had and some really unique blends.

For example, my parents ate the Apple Chicken brats for the game yesterday. I was at a friends for homemade pizza, but they said they were delightful and saved me one. I asked if they would be good with a breakfast dish because of the apple and my mom's eyes instantly lit up and thought that was a wonderful idea.

I ended up adding some to a Butternut Squash & Apple Soup and it was a perfect flavor to add some texture to a delicious soup. (Recipe to come soon!)

I have had Robert's Asparagus Cheddar ones and they were so good, it was the first package I grabbed. The cashier did tell me that they had fresh Asparagus ones in the case, but I wasn't going to be eating them right away, so I stuck with the frozen ones. The asparagus is a nice change of flavor in the brat but not overpowering.
Asparagus Cheddar Brats
The Bacon & Cheddar was a new one to me, but everything is better with bacon right? Some even refer to it as meat candy! I might have to bust these open for the game and see if I agree!

Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Brats
I have had a different brand of Feta and spinach chicken brats, and they were fabulous. I can't wait to eat these. A little bummed that it's only a 3 pack but now maybe I don't have to share? :)
Feta & Spinach Brats

So consider Ribs on a Stick or some of these specialty brats for the big game on Saturday. Go Pack Go!!!


  1. They are fantastic with special orders, too!

  2. oo I have to check this place out. I am newish to Milwaukee/Waukesha and am always looking for new places. And I am also a new follower, love the blog. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. @ellie - I forgot about special orders - they are really good at them!

    @christina - thanks for following - I hope to provide you with some great info on places to visit. If you ever need suggestions - send me an email and I will help however I can. Find me on Facebook Food, Fun & Life in Waukesha :)