Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: Le Caffe Bistro

When I used to attend Cardinal Fitness (now Experience Fitness), I would get a light breakfast with my mom after our workout at Le Caffe Bistro. However, when I moved south of Waukesha, I cancelled my membership last Spring and now I forget the cafe is there. I need to get it back into rotation.

Le Caffe Bistro is a small coffee shop that features Alterra coffee drinks, wraps, soups, quiche, bakery items and a few other specialty treats. It's located on Sunset between Prairie & Sentry Dr. The cafe is decorated with a large wall mural and a canopy over the order counter.

Many teas to choose from at the counter

Alterra products
There are comfy chairs, tables, window seats and a very large table for a group to meet at. It also has a faux fireplace to add to the comfort of the place.

Comfy chairs facing the fireplace

Table for 8!
beautiful mural
I stopped in over my lunch to grab something to eat and drink. I always have a hard time deciding because everything sounds so good. The wraps are really loaded with filling, so I went with a wrap and some soup to warm me up. 

I chose the Turkey Swiss on a wheat wrap with broccoli cheddar soup and a caramel apple cider (as a treat).

The drink was ready right away. I was taking it all to go so I didn't pop the lid open on the cider and risk a mess in my car. It was pretty hot and I used the cup as a hand warmer as I waited for my lunch.

The wrap and soup came up shortly after. I took my items and headed back to the office.

I knew the wrap was going to be big, but I forgot just how big they are. There is so much flavor in each bite. The honey mustard complimented the turkey and Swiss perfectly with really crisp lettuce.

The soup was still piping hot when I dug in after having some of the wrap. It had large pieces of broccoli in it and was the right amount of cheesy. I was very full after this so I saved the other half of my wrap for dinner.

The caramel apple cider (tho not good for me) was delicious. I had to wait until after my meal to enjoy it due to my Vitamin C issue. With the soup and wrap as a base, I literally guzzled down the cider, which also stayed very warm while I ate. This is the perfect beverage for me, a non-coffee drinker - warms me up and tastes great.
Come by on a Saturday afternoon and enjoy some coffee or a wrap in this cozy cafe. It's worth the drive if you aren't from the area.


  1. Thanks for featuring this Caffe. I have passed it a ton of times and wondered. Sounds like a great little nook on sunset! Great alternative to the box food you find on that street.

  2. Great chai for the non-coffee drinker. :)