Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wauk Wednesday: J. Lotti's

I know it wasn't that long ago that I wrote about the fish fry at J. Lotti's in Waukesha, but I did a much better job of documenting the meal and got a fresh perspective on it with my mom trying it for the first time.

I am so glad to see that J. Lotti's is surviving in a location that had numerous failed attempts at restaurants in it prior. I think John & Tiffaney saw what was lacking in downtown and gladly filled the void. Hopefully this can be done with the Clarke Hotel space. Someone want to front me money and a solid idea so I can run it? JK JK

J. Lotti's has a menu full of delicious appetizers and burgers, but I feel its largest draw is the All-You-Can-Eat Chicken and Fish Fry each Friday. Here are four great reasons to try it!

1. It's only $14 for all you can eat
2. Miller Lite taps are $2 &other drink specials are available each week.
3. You get so many choices
4. The servers are really  nice.

Now I shall elaborate on these points more and explain it like I did to my mom. The fish fry is ridiculous. The hush puppies, french fries, coleslaw and rye bread come out family-style if more than one person is having the dinner. But then the entrees are plated to your liking.

I chose to go with just baked fish to start with the draw butter and lemon. The fish Poor Man's Lobster was amazing! I'm always worried when my fish isn't fried that it will taste too fishy (you get what I mean - licking the side of a boat taste). But this was the exact opposite of fishy fish; it was flaky and light and the drawn butter coated it just enough to still taste the flavor of the fish. All of that baked fish in the pictures was just my first helping - no need for seconds from this girl.

My mom ordered a combo of fried and baked and she couldn't believe how much they gave her to start. She too thought the Poor Man's Lobster was perfectly done. She thought the beer batter on the fish was really light too and not overly greasy.

My dad ordered all fried fish and cleared his plate first. We all were stuffed but realized we had never had the chicken so it was time to try it. I asked for just dark meat and my mom just wanted a breast. Dad too went with dark meat and we were brought a basket with two legs and two wings and my mom's breast was plated.

Unfortunately I failed at taking a picture of the chicken. It was super hot (temp wise) which is awesome as I know it came right out of the fryer. I believe it's a buttermilk batter that was crazy crunchy. I love crunchy breading on fried chicken - the thicker and crunchier, the happier I am. I ended up being totally gluttonous and having both legs while my dad had the wings. My mom finished her breast and then we sat in food commas.

I typically get myself a $2 Miller Lite as it pairs nicely with the fish fry for the prices. But I decided to go with the other drink special of the night a flavored Long Island Iced Teas for $5. When our server told me all 12 billion flavors, I had to have melon and am glad I did. It was refreshing with a little kick after from all the liquor that goes in a Long Island. I paced myself with it as I knew I had to drive home. My mom ordered an orange one and she liked it as well. They are dangerously good :) Check out the Facebook page for other deals throughout the week.


Service at J.Lotti's has really improved since they first opened. I think they have a stronger management presence that really works with the staff to make sure they are always putting customers first. Our server was super attentive and helpful with any questions we had. She had her timing perfect with stopping by to ask if we needed anything else. 
I highly, highly recommend J. Lotti's for the fish fry or a burger. A few of their other specialties are chicken & waffles on the regular menu. I think they have some competition with Magellan's now doing chicken & waffles late in the evening, but it's definitely a growing trend across the nation. Someone needs to make it like The Buffalo Hog Wild Wings are my favorite item on the menu for a smaller meal. The meat falls off the bone and it's got a unique quality for a wing in Waukesha, which there is a lot of competition.

So if you are looking for a good burger, some appetizers, an awesome cocktail or draught beer, J. Lotti's has you covered. And obviously Friday's is THE night to go as well. Be ready to wait on a Friday if you don't go early as there is always a wait! More cocktail time then right?

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