Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pin-It Tuesday - Workouts

All of my Pin-It Tuesday posts have been recipes found on Pinterest (thus the name), but I assure you, and you can see from my 2,000+ pins, that I pin things other than food to my boards. Food does take up the majority of them, but I have found some really great workouts that my friends have posted. So this post is going to be a short review of the workouts that I have enjoyed and am glad I pinned. 

Tori Teaches Fitness
I will start with a favorite. This is a really basic workout that I have done a few times in the morning to wake me up and get in a little fitness before I shower. I have found that if I workout even just for 10 minutes before work, I am definitely more energized throughout the day.

I know that crunches are THE way to shrink the belly, but my back isn't always a fan of being pressed against the ground while I'm crunching away.  So finding a standing ab workout is right up my alley. I watched the video once so I knew what to be prepped for, but then woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual and did this workout in the small space of my bedroom.

She keeps her pep up throughout the video, but I don't think she actually counts during it because I feel I worked one side of my body harder than the other. I will definitely put this one on the top of my list as I felt it for sure the next day!

This next workout doesn't have complicated moves, but it really works. The first time doing it, I couldn't even make it all the way through. I am really enjoying Crossfit routines that give you a full, intense workout in a very short time, but they can also really wear you out. And your heart rate can really get elevated.

This video shows the movements at three different intensities too, so you can see how to modify without skipping the moves completely.

Finally,  Cassey at Blogilates is someone I found a year ago by just searching workout videos on YouTube. She is so fun and always bubbly and motivating but her videos are a bit tough for me. I did do her sleek and sexy arm video once and it took me back to Poms practice. We had this awesome coach Jennifer that toned us up each practice with an arm routine to Fat Boy Slim songs. Cassey's video has more variety than what we did, but the same pain resulted so I know it was working me well. I plan to try more of Cassey's video's in the future.

So between my boot camp at Energize Zone in Waukesha, potentially joining a Zumba class, and keeping up on my running, I see big things ahead. I ran a fabulous (for me) 3.1-miler Sunday in the chilly morning, but I felt GREAT after. I think the runner's high is still with me today, if that is possible. I signed up for the #chillycheeks virtual 5k run this weekend and if you are a runner, you should do it too. Run wherever you want, when you want (Friday - Sunday) and then just document it on the Charity Miles app or by emailing the organizer. This race raise money for the American Cancer Society and a Charity Miles organization of your choice (mine being Autism Speaks!)

I feel that 2013 is going to be a year of great changes in my physique.  This is a long time coming and I'm glad I have finally found the motivation to do it :)

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