Monday, January 14, 2013

Move It Mondays: Boot Camp

2013 is a year of great change and challenge for me. I have set a goal of running 5 5ks and a 10k, pending no injuries. I'm already signed up for the Lucky Leprechaun on March 16! This year will be the most running I have ever done and I know that I need to keep fit in other ways than just running.

I came across an ad on the Waukesha Patch for Energize Zone's Fitness Challenge. I hemmed and hawed for a week or so and then decided to contact Ken and find out what it is all about. He explained that it is a cross training workout paired with a nutrition class and weekly weigh ins. I decided to sign up.

My first class was last week Wednesday and I felt it through Friday! I'm not going to give away all the deets of the class, but it was one heck of a workout for me. Ken really works the group and has us challenge ourselves to work harder than we think we can. I'll write more on this after a few more classes.

Taking just that one class has motivated me to get moving more.
slushy neighborhood roads
I went for a run today when it was approx. 20 degrees outside with semi-slush-covered roads. I wasn't sure how to prep myself clothing-wise, but here is what I put together. And mind you, I am very frugal and shop for deals, so my clothing is quite a collection of brands and styles.

Funny ninja look?
Lower Half -

Fleece lined leggings from
Compression leggings from OldNavy Active line - high waisted - no longer sold. I recommend these
Regular socks and my old Adidas workout shoes. It was sloppy out, so I didn't want to splash up my good running shoes yet.

Top Half -

Danskin Active sports bra
Cuddle Duds reversible long sleeve
Tek Gear 1/4 zip fleece

On My Head -

Walmart Facemask
White Elephant 2011 Hat
SO smart touch stretchy gloves

All of this gear worked out well and I had no problems breathing the cold air so I highly recommend getting a facemask. I was able to get in 2 miles before my body told me to take it easy and since my injury, I listen to my body very carefully. I'm unsure of my pace as my Couch-2-5k app didn't record it properly but for a first time in the snow, I'm sure it was slow. But I beat everyone that stayed on the couch today!!!

I can't wait to get out for more runs and continue the boot camp classes for the next three months.

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