Thursday, January 3, 2013

From the Books: Scrumptious Scalloped Potato Soup

Have you finished all of your holiday leftovers yet? We have, except for the sweets and I wish those would just disappear as I don't need all that sugary temptation around me when I'm trying to eat better in 2013.

We had ham for Christmas and you can only have so many leftover ham sandwiches before you get sick of it. I asked my mom what we could do with the ham and she suggested soup, and boy do I love soup!!!

We looked through another one of our Light & Tasty Taste of Home cookbooks and found a lightened up version of Cheesy Ham 'n Potato Soup. And the best part, we had almost all the ingredients in the house.

The lightened up part didn't happen as much as we thought because the only milk we had in the house was Whole Milk for little Alex. I didn't mind as I knew it would make the soup more rich and creamy.

Mom chopped up the ham while I boiled the potatoes. I got to use my immersion blender again to mash up some of the potatoes to add to the base.

Ham and onions were sauteed together while I worked more on the base.

We altered the recipe a bit more to add mixed veggies of cauliflower, carrots and broccoli (instead of just broccoli) to add more flavor. And it was what we had in the freezer.

Then it was time to add the potatoes and the cheese - aaahhhhhh - heavenly! The soup thickened up pretty fast into a stewp and smelt amazing.

We let it simmer for about 10 minutes and then turned the heat off. I snuck some right away and was immediately addicted. I renamed this soup "Scalloped Potato Scrumptious Soup"

I'm pretty sure I ate 3/4s of the pot on my own for lunch in the last few days it was so good. It was such a filling lunch and not horrible for my waistline. This definitely gets starred to make again!

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