Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wauk Wednesday: Rochester Deli

Rochester Deli is a staple in downtown Waukesha. Many other businesses have come and gone on that part of Broadway, but Rochester Deli has no problem with business. Lunch is always a busy time and if you aren't there by noon, you won't get a seat right away. But the turn over is quick and there are a lot of tables.

I usually take my lunch to go, because sitting there usually has me make decisions about dessert that I shouldn't. On top of being an amazing deli, the Rochester Deli also has some really amazing desserts including cakes, tarts, cookies and more. They even do wedding cakes!

I swung by on my lunch last week and ordered the daily special to go. Yes, on top of having a million amazing soup, salad and sandwich combos, they offer a different special each day of the week. You can find out about the special on their Facebook page or on their website by signing up to order online. You have to select a time and day to be able to see the special, but that doesn't mean your order is placed and you can just browse.

They do suggest for people placing to-go orders to order it online to reduce the wait time. The online ordering system is very hi-tech and your order will be ready for you at the time specified.

The special was a hot ham and brie sandwich on a pretzel bun with honey mustard. I had the options of potato salad, coleslaw or chips and I went for the potato salad.

While waiting, I bumped into Carolyn from the Biz Alliance and she ordered the same thing with two cups of soup for her and her friend to split. They too couldn't resist the pretzel bun.

My order was ready shortly after and I hurried back to work to enjoy! Plus talking to Carolyn kept me away from the dessert counter where the chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies were calling my name. They are sooooo good, but being the size of my head and I'm not good at sharing sweets, I really didn't need it. I'll come back for one soon!

The sandwich was delicious. I wish the ham would have been spread out more across the bun, but I love pretzel buns, so I ate the whole thing regardless where the brie was. Look at that packed sandwich!

Potato salad was nice and refreshing and not over mayo-y. And all sandwiches come with a pickle spear and their's are always crunchy!

Some of my favorites from their menu are the egg salad sandwich, beef wellington sandwich (Wednesday special), crab cake Po' Boy (during Lent), raspberry chicken salad and the chicken dumpling soup. And as I already mentioned, the chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies, lemon bars and carrot cake are really good!

My company has even ordered lunch for a corporate luncheon and everyone loves it. It is worth every cent that I pay for it, but when you tack on a cookie or other dessert, it is a bit much for me to spend on a lunch regularly. They are up for best sandwich shop on the A-List and that will be revealed soon. They are usually also voted best Reuben sandwich, but I don't have it often. Why don't you stop by and see if the votes are right? Or if you have already eaten there, tell me what you think.

Happy Eating!


  1. Dan and I love Rochester Deli. I can never seem to get away from ordering their Devonshire panini. It is sooooo good! And Dan loves their fish fry.

  2. We just wanted to say "Thank You" for continuing to choose our Deli!
    We do not take our customers for granted, we value all feedback and want to be sure that you were pleased with your visit and come back again.
    Happy New Year Sarah!
    Chef Dan, Laura and our Deli Team

  3. Great place, great folks, and of course great food. We love the fish fry on Fridays.

  4. Just discovered your blog and am a new fan :) I work in Waukesha and LOVE Rochester Deli for lunch.

  5. It's obvious that Rochester has a great thing going for it and from the comments, we all agree! Thanks everyone for reading and maybe see you at the Deli sometime :)