Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wauk Wednesday: Maid-Rite

Maid-Rite Waukesha - Drive-Thru is for Starbucks unfortunately :(
I have completely neglected to write this post for way, way, way too long. Back in September, I stopped into Maid-Rite on Delafield and Madison Streets in Waukesha, next to the Starbucks. It had recently opened and I had heard some good things about it.

The place isn't very large on the inside but there are some tables to sit and enjoy your sandwich. Pretty much the size of a Subway or Cousin's on the inside.

I had reviewed the menu before arriving, so I had a good idea of what I wanted. The manager actually took my order and was really happy that I showed him the special on my iPhone. He created the mobile website (and regular website) and was ecstatic that I used the coupon. He at least knew that someone was viewing it. I almost gave him my advertising spiel, but thought better of it and just waited for my sandwich.

I went with the Cheese-Rite which is the original ground beef loose meat with cheese and I chose cheddar. I was asked what else I want on it and just asked for pickles and ketchup.  I ordered the combo due to the awesome website offer and got chips and a drink. I had other side options, but just went basic.

I waited while my meal was prepared and took in the ambiance. It looks a bit like a 50s diner with malts and shakes neon sign and, classically, a Coca-Cola (modern version) soda fountain machine. This definitely fits better than a Pepsi machine would.

Just a few minutes later, my meal was ready to go and I was out the door. I arrived back to work to enjoy a few minutes later and only a little grease started leaking through the paper bad - not a bad sign, compared to how Culver's bags usually look.

I laid the meal out in front of me and tried to strategize how to eat the sandwich without loosing too much of the meat, but as you can see, it was stuffed full. I love on the website it states "Too Good To Be A Patty!" Basically what I had on my bun was the consistency of a burger, yet with loose meat! NOTE - Not something to order if you are afraid to get a little on your face. I bit in and it was pretty good. The meat is seasoned nicely but a little on the salty side. The pickle and cheese were great additions.
Sandwich is starting to get a little messy!

The chips were really good! I love a good deep fried chip that you can tell are made fresh! And I washed it all down with a large Diet Coke - yummy! I had to scoop up some of the meat with a spoon, but I didn't mind, it was really good. I was absolutely stuffed when I was done, so this is enough for even the largest of appetites.

Scooping up the Maid-Rite droppings!
The menu has a ton of options including specialty sandwiches, salads and malts. I will definitely go back for a malt soon as Mack's isn't around anymore for me to swing by on my lunch hour. And they now have Online Ordering where you select the time to pick it up and its ready. They also have business delivery from 11 am - 2 pm with a min. $20 purchase and $5 delivery fee. That isn't too bad!

So if you are looking for something a bit different from any other spots in Waukesha, check out Maid-Rite and let me know what you thought.

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