Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wauk Wednesday: Cafe de Arts

I have written about this place in the past, but its been awhile and now that I have eaten my way through the lunch menu, it's time for another post!
Cafe de Arts coffee counter

If you know Waukesha, you know the purple coffee shop by the bank in downtown. (As general as that comment sounds, people know it by that description.) Cafe de Arts is located on St. Paul Ave, just northeast of the Madison St. intersection.
Cafe de Arts comfy couches

Comfy chairs and beautiful tables at Cafe de Arts
It has been in business since 2009, but the purple house was another coffee shop before called Java Connection. That owner had amazing woodworking skills and made all the tables that are still used for diners today. When Cafe took over the business, the front room was converted into a coffee roasting room for their European-style coffee. The rest of the cafe is painted in warm hues with local artwork on the walls with comfy chairs and couches. 

Although I am just a newbie to the coffee world (and by newbie I think this might be my third coffee drink ever!), it always smells amazing when you are in or around the business. This place is really close to my job and so convenient for a chai in the morning, quick lunch, lunch meeting or just to grab a pastry from the great selection to get me through the afternoon.

The items that I am most fond of are found on the lunch menu, specifically the chicken Cesar salad and the prime rib panini. These are my go-to items, but I have had practically everything on the menu and it is all wonderful.

To-Go Lunch from Cafe de Arts
Today, I chose the Mediterranean turkey panini but asked for no peppercini's (spicy foods and my stomach aren't too big of fans of each other). This sandwich is another success for Cafe de Arts. The kalamata olives and feta cheese add a nice zip to the sandwich that I love. Nice crusty ciabatta bread with warm meat and cheese inside - does it get any better?

Mediterranean Turkey Panini
The panini's come with chips and a pickle and the different salads come with warm french bread and butter. I haven't ventured into breakfast too much but the yogurt and granola looked delicious. Other items include hot breakfast sandwiches, cold deli sandwiches, bulk coffee and pastries from the dessert case. The apple cookies are marvelous (more like a turnover)!

Dessert case at Cafe de Arts
I'm not sure what grabbed me to get a coffee beverage this time, maybe the cool breeze outside, maybe I was tired and needed a lift, but I chose to get a mochaccino. Ayhan, the owner, suggested I try Bacon Mocha. I passed as I reminded him that I'm a coffee newbie and new flavors could turn me off before I give it a chance. He told me I will have to try it next time as it just adds a hearty flavor to the coffee (website is currently stating Bacon Hot Cocoa is $1.00 off) The mochaccino hit the spot for me. Just enough chocolate and coffee to please the buds.

Cafe de Arts signature cups
Cafe de Arts is a great place to sit and relax with a cup of joe and surf the interwebs. I know that a reporter or two in the area frequent this place to get some work done :) The cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch regularly but for art crawls and such, the hours will vary.

Ayhan and his business are also big supporters of many different foundations and organizations in and around Waukesha. Two that come to mind first are United Way and the Waukesha Bike Alliance (also known as Bike Waukesha). This group does social rides through Waukesha that usually begin at Cafe de Arts and finish at Magellans. The group is currently working on some trails in Minooka, so if you are a biker and want to help out or participate, check out their blog for more details.

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