Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wauk Wednesday: Pizza Battle???

Generic pizza image to make you drool!
A few years back, restaurants in downtown Waukesha were boasting to have the best burger in town. Small conversations were started to have a competition but unfortunately that never came to fruition (Sorry if I was one that dropped the ball on that!) We still don't know where the best burger is, but no matter where you go, you are getting a great one (IMHO).

From my recent wanderings around Waukesha, I totally see a necessary food battle - - - - - PIZZA!!!!

I walked downtown a lot in the last week and the common restaurant food was pizza & flatbreads. Sure there are other things that people in downtown are known for, but pizza-ish items seem to be the "hot dish" right now.

There are so many places in downtown now that are offering pizza as part of their menu
Montecito  Ristorante
Bernie's Tap Room
Jimmy's Grotto
Mainstream Bar & Grill 

And I'm sure there are more restaurants that possibly offer a pizza/flatbread special one night a week or pizza soup, bread, sandwich, etc. that I'm missing.

Finally, there are those not in downtown -
Matteo's Italian Ristorante
Michael's Italian Restaurant
Sal's Pizza
Master Z's Cue Club
Fox View Lanes
Spring City Restaurant
(I used a Yelp list to help me remember them all.)
And there are the chain places in town as well - Papa John's, Little Ceasar's, Domino's, Papa Murphy's, Pizza Hut, Toppers, Rocky Rococo's, Subway  -- so basically there is no shortage of 'za in town. (No offense to them, but I would want to keep the battle to the local independents!)

I have only had pizza from a very small selection of the independent locations - Magellan's, Mia's, Michael's & Fox View Lanes and all of them were great in their own sense.

Of those, I am the biggest fan of Magellan's pizza for a more gourmet 'za. They have great specials throughout the week and the crust is amazing.

Fox View became a favorite while I worked at Fox Run Sentry Liquor (RIP) but recently haven't had it. The toppings are plenty and the flavor is great when you are having beer and shooting some pool.

Mia's I had with co-workers a few years back over lunch and it was good but I didn't feel there were enough toppings.

Michael's put plenty of finely chopped toppings on their pizzas but this makes it almost impossible to eat without a fork and knife. We would also get this at Fox Run Sentry Liquor as it was the owners favorite.

Although I didn't put Jimmy's Grotto on my list, I have had their Ponza (deep friend calzone that is heaven!) The toppings they use in the ponzas are great, so if this is any reflection of the pizza, this will be a winner.

So what is your favorite place? If you are from Waukesha, please help me add to the list if I missed any and if you aren't orr haven't had any of these, please help me give me a place to travel to to try out.

I recently had Rustico's in Milwaukee and the pizza was nothing less than extraordinary. Crisp on Brady is also a fave. I tried it twice with some Groupons and love it. The gluten free 'za needs work, but the regular slices are generous in size, toppings and flavor! And they feature local artist's work on the wall - BONUS!

And for those that live in Waukesha, what do you think about having a pizza battle?


  1. I think Matteo's has the best pizza in town, hands down. I don't even know who would be in second place because I don't get pizza at many other places anymore. Its usually Matteo's or homemade on the grill. I am not a huge fan of Magellan's because the crust is kind of thick and I dislike that herb sprinkle they put on the pizzas. Mia's is pretty good but I haven't had one in ages.

    I'll agree with you on Rustico. They are very good, though I have been pretty drunk every time I have had them. You should try Transfer or Via Downer (same ownership). Probably the best Neopolitan style pizza in the area. Balestreri's in Tosa and Zaffiro's or Lisa's on the East Side are other favorites.

    I cannot wait to try some of Bernie's pizzas. The duck confit one sounds great.

  2. Matteo's and Michael's are both excellent and I can't decide between them for first place. Second tier for me includes Mia's and Magellan's. After that, it's everyone else.