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United We Dine - Waukesha County

A few years ago, I was asked to join the Marketing Committee for the United Way in Waukesha County. I wasn't very familiar with the organization when I began so a lot of discussions were not being absorbed. But after two years, I understand the organization and enjoy my time on the committee. We provide marketing support (on every level), suggestions and industry insights.

Recently, United Way in Waukesha County announced its fundraising initiative "Strive for 5" which is raising $5 million and recruiting 500 volunteers. You can read the announcement here. This new program helps donors realize that it's not just a single annual transaction, but an ongoing transaction with United Way in Waukesha County to help them provide the support to the organizations.

At my last meeting, we were informed that the United We Dine program was continuing this year as a fundraiser for the orgazniation and we were provided a list of the restaurants involved. And because it is food and restaurant related, I am super excited about this program.

The program details: United Way in Waukesha County works with the business to pick a day or two to offer its promotion. The business of the day provides a portion of its sales to United Way in Waukesha County. Each businesses' donation is slightly different, but all are very beneficial to United Way.

The complete list of participating businesses is on the United Way in Waukesha County website, and if you aren't familiar with all of them, let me provide you some insight below of some of these restaurants that I have been to. I looked back in my posts and realized even the restaurants that I have gone to, I have't written about them in a while. Time to get eating and blogging :)

I apologize that it is already well into October, and I am just writing about this now, but the program goes through Nov. 28. So you have plenty of time to visit a favorite or try a new restaurant and donate to United Way in Waukesha County at the same time.

Cafe de Esperanza - Waukesha -  Oct.12, & 19
We had our holiday party here a few years back and the food was authentic cuisine with great flavor. Definitely worth a stop - and really helping two organizations at once.

Hardee's - Waukesha - Oct. 9, 30 & Nov. 13
There aren't many of these left in the state, but I love their side salad. It comes with so many toppings, its a meal in itself and shouldn't be called a side salad.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Pewaukee  - Oct. 10
I love the parmesan garlic sauce on my wings and the buffalitos are pretty good too! You can play trivia and other games against your friends too!

Cafe de Arts Roastery - Waukesha (Purple House on St. Paul) - Oct. 22 & 29
This place is located near my job, so I know the owners very well and love everythign on the menu. Surprisingly I am not a coffee fan, but I have been told his coffee is amazing and he roasts it in house. The chicken ceasar salad and Roast Beef Panini are my favorites!

Armeli's Restaurant & Pizzeria - New Berlin - Oct. 24
This place has been a go-to for my family since I was a wee one. My dad has 10 brothers and sisters so when we have the family together, we are a massive group. The pizza and Italian dishes are excellent for large groups and small.

First Watch - Brookfield - Oct. 26
This place is only open through the lunch hour, but it is an amazing breakfast option. The food is healthy and makes my tummy happy. It's diner style, but the food comes out fast and it soooo delicious. They have a great "first watch club" as well that they email out coupons to you occasionally.

Gyros West - Waukesha - Oct. 27
Best Gyros in Waukesha County and rivals Oakland Gyros (my personal fave). But if I'm craving a gyro and good fries, this is the place to stop. They have plenty of other items as well. The president even stopped here a few years back because he heard it was so good.

Double D's Pub & Eatery - Mukwonago - Nov. 2
I have gone here for birthday parties, lunch and a fun night out. Great atmosphere, great food, fun bartenders - that's all you need right?

Alpine Lanes - Muskego - Nov. 7
This bowling alley and volleyball venue has really great food, not just typical, deep-fried bar food.

Sprizzo Gallery & Caffe - Waukesha - Nov. 12
This is the go-to for when my family wants to come visit me and have lunch together. Soup and salads will really fill you up and I love their patio. 

Outback Steakhouse - Brookfield - Nov. 15
I went on a first date here years and years ago and the meal was really good, that I still remember it. Steak with shrimp on the barbee and the largest piece of cheesecake that I wish I would have split with my date (we were selfish and both got our own!)

Rochester Deli - Waukesha - Nov. 19
Voted time and time again the best Reuben in the area. I haven't had the Reuben but I have had their Rachel (reuben with turkey instead of corned beef). The salads are delicious and the daily specials are really creative. have to have a chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie - AH-MAZ-ING!

Blue Bay Restaurant - Mukwonago - Nov. 20
This is a nice family restaurant with a little bit of everything on the menu to suit anyone's taste buds.

The Chocolate Factory - Waukesha - Nov. 27
After gymnastics when I was younger, we would always come for a sandwich and ice cream. I always wanted Blue Moon, but I never could have it, so I think I remember the cookies & cream is soooo creamy.

There are many more restaurants participating in the United We Dine campaign than I have eaten at. And I really hope to share my experiences with my readers after I have dined.

Until then, Happy Eating!

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