Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pin-It Tuesday: Halloween Treat Roundup

This past weekend, I attended a "Once Upon A Time" Halloween party at my friend's house. The majority of my friends are really into the TV show that began last season, and instead of the He-Man/She-Ra theme we were going with, it was decided in August to go with Once Upon A Time characters. We had Snow, Prince, Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, Rumpelstiltskin, Emma, Alice, Mad Hatter, Rabbit, Grumpy, Maleficent and the Evil Queen.
Front Row: Grumpy, Jiminy Cricket. Middle Row: Alice, Snow, Emma, Blue Fairy, Maleficent. Back Row: Rabbit, Evil Queen, Prince, Rumpelstiltskin, Mad Hatter

 I was the Evil Queen and my aunt with her amazing seamstress skills helped me complete my costume by altering my Goodwill Coat. Here are the elements of my costume - long black hair extension, curled up and attached to my head, lace head wrap, head band with lace triangles, corset top, black leather pants, black leather boots, evil makeup, a black rose and my coat with feathers, lace and glitter.
Left: Me, Right: Regina, the Evil Queen
Anyways, I am a total geek for Halloween and jumped onto the interwebs and found some great food ideas for the party. Once I found what I was going to make, I posted the recipes on my Pinterest page.

I spent a good portion of Thursday night prepping the food for the party with my interpretations of the recipes.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball
Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens
I bought a package of Badger spreadable cheddar cheese and had my dad help me form it into a pumpkin. Then right before I set out to eat, I put crumbled nacho chips all over the outside, olives for the face and a pickle for the stem, to resemble a pumpkin.

RIP Taco Dip
Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens
I made my regular taco dip recipe and found some black glitter piping gel and piped gravestone markers out of tortilla strip chips. I served the chips to scoop the dip up with in a trick or treat pumpkin.  (My taco dip: Equal parts 8 oz. cream cheese, 8 oz. sour cream & 1 pkg taco seasoning - blended together and smeared in pan. Topped with diced green chilis, lettuce, cheese & black olives

Halloween Puppy Chow
Adapted from YourCupofCake.com

I had this the weekend prior at my cousin's Fall Beerfest party (blog to come soon on that). My friend has Celiac's disease and so I chose to make this snack with Rice Chex cereal. Unfortunately for my frined with a peanut allergy, there was no way to make this recipe without the peanut butter, so he just avoided this treat. Instead of Reese's Pieces, I used regular M&Ms and candy corn and pumpkins. I made both white and milk chocolate varieties.

Hocus Pocus Punch
Adapted from TheLittleKitchen.net
Although I did find coconut extract at the store, I completely forgot to add it to the drink. I made it on a larger scale so I used an entire can of pineapple juice, an entire bottle of champagne, 1/3 bottle of white rum and food coloring to make it a bright orange color. I served it out of my "vintage" trick or treat pumpkin. (Yep it was the one that used to get the loot each year for me as a child)

Jello/Pudding shot buffet
Jello/Pudding Shots
Peach Bellini - peach jello and champagne
Lime Bellini Surprise - lime jello, champagne, citrus vodka and a green cherry (surprise!)
Orange Dreamsicle - orange jello and whipped vodka
Strawberries 'n Cream - Strawberries 'n Cream pudding, whipped vodka & whipped topping
Chocolate Mint - chocolate pudding, creme de menthe & whipped topping
(NOTE: pudding shots are really strong - or I followed recipe ideas from alcoholics. I wish I would have used even less alcohol than I did and maybe a lot more whipped topping).
Prepping the pudding shots - each pkg makes a ton

Other treats my friends made:

Naughty Cider
Apparently Everclear alcohol had to reduce it's "proof" due to lawsuits, so my friend Shauna found a Polish Vodka to make the cider with but it's made with apple cider, vodka and cinnamon. As you can see, the boys enjoyed it.

Meaty Weinies
Smoked lil' weiners with grape jelly and chili sauce and then whatever herbs & spices my friend Shauna had available to her that sounded good with them.

Pumpkin-licious Fruit Salad
I can't take credit for this one, but my friend Sam scooped out oranges, carved them and then filled them with fruit salad. They turned out so adorable and were the perfect touch. 

Mummy Wraps
My friend Caroline makes the most amazing little sandwich wraps. I don't even know what was exactly in them but it was lettuce, cheese, meat and tortilla and they are just soooo good.

Dirt Cake
My friend went out of her way to make a vanilla and a chocolate version to please everyone but they never made it out of the fridge that night :(

There was also plenty of beer, rootbeer/cake UV shots, X-Rated shots to keep us warm on the chilly night. Heated games of Survivor Flip Cup ensued and brought great laughs and good memories.

Survivor Flip Cup
I can't wait until next year as I'm already pinning new ideas onto my Pinterest Page and thinking of another group costume idea. He-Man/She-Ra is back on the table, but who really knows what we will be.

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