Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homemade Eats - Butternut Squash Soup

Last week, I bought a butternut squash with the hopes of making homemade butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter sauce. Due to the fact that my time has been limited and I could not find the semolina flour for the ravioli, I went for butternut squash soup. (Partially influenced by the acorn squash soup I had at the Tosa Farmer's Market Feast last week).

I based my soup off of this one I found on AllRecipes.com. My modifications included no leeks (forgot to buy them), two types of onion - vidalia and yellow (what I had left) vegetable stock(whoops read the recipe wrong) heavy cream (tastes better) and fresh sage (just wanted to add it) .

It was a lot of chopping to get everything prepped and I used too large of a pot to make the soup in, but that was what was readily available to me.
And because I had to let the onions become translucent, it was the perfect time to open the wine!
My favorite part of the soup---I got to use my Food Network immersion blender (mine was from Kohl's and my mom used many coupons and discounts to not pay that price for it!).

Because grandma was asleep in the family room, I was nice and took the soup and blender into the garage and had at it. This is when I noticed the pot was too large. I needed to have the pot on an angle in order to really blend the stock. The blender worked like a breeze and I'm a huge fan of it. The button needs to be held the entire time you want the blade to spin, which was a little fussy, but I prefer the safety feature and will deal with the button. (That blade is crazy sharp!)

I brought it back in the house and onto the stove, added the wine (what was left!), cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg and sage and simmered for 5 minutes. I tasted at this point and I have to say I'm very happy with the result. It is almost the exact taste of the filling that I would love in my ravioli.

So....I'm going to find semolina flour and buy another squash and attempt the ravioli soon. I would love to know what you have done with butternut and other squashes this fall. This wonderful result makes me very excited to try more. Also, how do you use your immersion blender?

Until next time, Happy Eating!


  1. I love my immersion blender, and use it way more than I ever thought I would. Even my husband, who hates kitchen gadgets, has agreed that it was a worthwhile purchase :)

  2. Not sure where to get Semolina flour in Waukesha - maybe Good Harvest? Maybe Health Hut or Fresh Market on Bluemound? The last bag I picked up was from Glorioso's.

    My favorite thing to make is butternut squash risotto with mushrooms and fried sage. I usually use Lakefront Pumpkin lager in place of the traditional White Wine.

    Also try out Paul and Lori's Butternut Squash Beer Cheese Soup. Its one of my favorites.

  3. We love to use our immersion blender to make soup. We've also been using it to make individual portions of smoothies - way easier than pulling out the blender each time.

  4. @eatwisconsin - thanks for the recommendations. My friend was also making a butternut squash risotto but with goat cheese. I hope to get that recipe soon.

    How fast to blades dull on an immersion blender? Or never?