Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Night Out: Miller Park Eats Part 1

We came across these stairs wandering for food!
Some people tailgate at Brewer games, some people wait to eat something once inside the game and some people do both at the same game! If I get out of work early or don’t have to work at all, I love to tailgate and make some yummy chicken brats on my grill with potato salad and brownies and get some tailgate games going.

However, on weeknight games, this isn’t exactly possible or worth the struggle of getting everything together for a quick tailgate because I work in Waukesha until 5. So at the last two games, Tiffany and I indulged in some Miller Park stadium food. Of course there are the traditional foods of the famous Klement’s Racing sausages, popcorn, peanuts, pizza and licorice ropes. But I decided to step out of the norm for the April 23rd game. Tiff and I walked the 2nd level concourse in search of something really unique – and we found it! 

Tiff giving Braun attention because he is lonely

Way out in Right field near the jumbo glove and lonely Ryan Braun life-size statue (miss you Prince!)
is a food stand, The Fry Bar, that was serving The Montreal, in other words, Poutine. This snack is not the prettiest looking food to walk around with and definitely messy (4 out of 5 napkins score) but surprisingly, the flavor combination keeps you digging in and wanting more. Poutine is French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy. Sure it may not sound appetizing, but don’t knock it until you try it. I found the recipe in this JSOnlinearticle from the stadium food contest from 2011. And just a few weeks back, The Waukesha Freeman featured a recipe on making Poutine, so the snack is trending.

Poutine and a Summer Shandy

I was under the impression that the cheese curds were deep fried like the fries, but they were actually fresh, squeaky curds right out of the fridge. To build the Poutine, the concession worker took a generous help of fries and put them in a basket. Cheese curds were sprinkled over them and then the EXTREMELY hot gravy was ladled over the top. The worker suggested that we get plenty of napkins and some forks.
We knew that this wasn’t going to be a walking and eating treat, so we found a nearby high-top table to watch the game and enjoy our treat. Tiff and I each forked a large fry with gravy on it and a cheese curd said “Cheers!!” and dug in.  I was pleasantly surprised. Besides getting my daily intake of sodium in one bite, the very hot gravy actually had great flavor. (I will again say that the gravy is very hot. The concession worker gave us an extra basket to put under so Tiff could hold it without burning her fingers. I think steam came off gravy until the last bite was gone.) The cheese curds, though cool in the middle, had begun to melt because of the gravy and put this into the comfort food category for me.

The Tabletop
The view while enjoying

We gobbled it all up and it’s something that I recommend others to try. This is definitely something to share with a friend as we were both stuffed at the end. Unfortunately I don’t remember the cost, but splitting anything at Miller Park makes it more reasonable. This concession stand also had Olive Oil & Garlic fries and Deep Fried bacon. I thought that those fries really just looked like a greasy mess and too much garlic gives me a headache, so I will probably just try a fry if someone else orders it. I did get to sample the deep fried bacon (thank you friendly worker!).  It’s a piece of cooked bacon that is battered with a light flour mixture and then deep fried. I took a bite of the sample and it was crisp and crunchy. The breading sticks well to the bacon and adds another layer of flavor to the heavenly pork treat. Again, no idea on price, but worth a try. 

Me and the Statue of Brewers Liberty
Check back soon for the post about the treats we tried at the May 7th game from Food Network stand and Cactus League Nachos. And here is a link from JSOnline about more stadium eats and treats. Until then, Happy Eating!

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