Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Night Out: Miller Park Eats 2

Another weekday evening Brewers game found Tiffany and I not able to tailgate and knowing we would be again on the search for delectable eats. While we didn't bring a grill or dinner to the parking lot, we did enjoy a few adult beverages while enjoying the beautiful May 7th weather. Being a participant in #beerclub on Monday evenings on Twitter, I had brought some of the beers from the last few weeks for Tiffany and myself to try. Six Point's Resin was nice and refreshing to drink with just enough hops to hold me off from enjoying the 9.0% ABV too quickly. Tiffany had brought a new Crispin that Discount Liquor had gotten in, Stagger Lee. It was nice and crisp with hints of whiskey from the barrel it was fermented in.

After enjoying those beverages, being entertained by four under-agers being ticketed by the cops in the lot, and being told by a lovely (sarcasm) 19 year old kid that I'm almost as old as his mom, it was time to head into the game. We wandered around for a bit and ended up in far right field again to watch the game from the foul pole area. It seems to be our go-to spot that always has an opening and good view.

After chatting with the folks also watching from the area, doing some people watching, and watching the game, we decided to venture for food. We headed around the stadium on the first concourse and near home plate, we found a sign that said Food Network's concession stand was located on the 2nd level. My eyes grew wide and Tiffany knew I was sold on dinner.

Up the stairs we went and quickly found the booth. The options were Buffalo Mac N' Cheese and Bacon Sloppy Joes. The worker lifted the lid on both items so I could see the offerings. My stomach doesn't like the spice of buffalo sauce too much, but Tiffany went for it and ordered the mac n' cheese. After seeing the greasy-ness of the sloppy joes, and knowing my stomach would hate me for eating that so late in the night, I opted to keep looking for a snack.

Food Network offering at Miller Park with a Leinenkugel's of course!
I didn't travel far as right next door was Cactus League nachos. In my mind, you can't go wrong with nachos, except maybe spending $20 for the version in the baseball hat!!!! Don't worry, I kept it to the $7.50 variety in a small plastic bowl. I ordered it with chicken, cheese, salsa and a heaping splotch of sour cream.

sanitary knives and forks!
While I was getting my nachos made, Tiffany went in search of utensils. This nifty little dispenser shoots out one fork or spoon and keeps the rest inside a plastic holder and hopefully sanitary.

This again wasn't walking and eating food so we grabbed a table on the 2nd concourse and dug in. Unfortunately it was already the bottom of the 6th inning by the time we sat down and the crunchy bread crumbs that were supposed to top her mac n' cheese were no longer crunchy and more like soggy bread. The buffalo sauce flavor was very present and one small little bite put my taste buds a-flame. I think serving it with blue cheese crumbles melted into it would have helped dull the spice. Tiffany even admitted it was spicy. She ate about half of the portion, so unless you really like spice and are going to get it in the 1st or 2nd inning, I would pass. After reading this post, apparently blue cheese is in the mac n' cheese and flavor consistency is a problem. I didn't taste blue cheese at all :(

Cactus League Nachos with a Leinenkugel's!
Nacho Time: The chicken for the nachos was well seasoned and besides being a little salty, was really delicious. Getting a little bit of everything on each chip was perfect and the size I ordered was perfect to share. We ate it all and didn't have any chips or toppings leftover. And, another bonus, the chips didn't get soggy. I highly recommend the nachos, but just don't fall for the hat gimmick. I don't see it being worth the price.

Miller Park emptying out after the game
By the time we finished our food, the game had just about ended. We took our sweet time getting out of the stadium and a few volunteer guards asked up to move along. We found this cool High Life wagon and Tiffany is a huge High Life girl, so I had to stop for that picture.  We then sped up our pace and headed out before getting into anymore trouble :)

High Life Wagon at Miller Park

I'll be heading to a few more games this year with my 10-pk but have a few weeks off, so look for posts on other eats in the meantime. Until then, Happy Eating!

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