Monday, January 23, 2012

Waukesha's A-List Winners

The WISN A-List wrapped up voting at the end of 2011 and in the last few weeks, they have started to roll out the winners. All of the winners have now been announced and of the 117 winners, 19 of them are Waukesha companies (if I didn't miss any). And we have some repeat offenders too(in the good sense of the word)! This is the 3rd year of the A-List and each year the competition heats up a little more.

I am 1 of over 116,000 voters in the area. I know almost all of these businesses and have to agree with the A-List that these guys deserve their wins. Here are the Waukesha Winners:

Best Art Gallery - Clinton Street Gallery - 3rd consecutive win
Best Tattoo and Piercing - Waukesha Tattoo Company @ Galleria Edge - 2nd consecutive win
Best Sandwich Shop - Rochester Deli - 3rd consecutive win
Best Women's Accessories - Bangles & Bags
Best Women's Boutique - Bangles & Bags
Best Chinese - Golden Gate Restaurant - 3rd consecutive win
Best German - Weissgerber's Gasthaus & Biergarten - finalist the last 2 years

Best Martial Arts - J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy - 3rd consecutive win
Best Dance Studio - Liberty Dance Center - 2nd consecutive win
Best Neighborhood Bar - Bosco's Social Club
Best Boarding - Camp Bow Wow - runner up and finalist the last 2 years
Best Pet Sitting - Central Bark Doggy Day Care - won in 2009 as well
Best Children's Gifts - Cuddles
Best Comics - Neptune Comics - 2nd consecutive win
Best Furniture - Steinhafels - finalist the last 2 years
Best Musical Instruments - White House of Music - runner up last 2 years
Best Desserts - Allo! Chocolat - won in 2009
Best Liquor, Beer & Wine Shop - Discount Liquor - won in 2009
Best Caterer - Ellen Zilli's Catering - finalist the last 2 years

There is something to say about that much good coming out of Waukesha - we can hold our own and we aren't a suburb of Milwaukee. So if you haven't been to Waukesha in a while or haven't been to one of these places, they are WISN A-List certifiably great businesses and you should check them out. Not to mention all of our other great businesses that were runners up and finalists, but to find all of those, I would have to do a lot more digging and I just don't have the time. Here is the list of all the winners.

Way to go Waukesha!

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