Thursday, January 5, 2012

People's Park X2

Last week Friday, I had the opportunity to introduce my mom to People's Park. We met for a lunch and sat upstairs in the new lounge-looking area. Our server promptly came and brought us menus and got us some drinks. We began looking at the menu and the other booths and tables quickly filled up.

**Recommendation** If you are going to eat at People's on lunch, you want to plan to get there a little before noon or go for after 1 as right at noon, the influx comes in.

I shared with my mom a few of the different things that I have had on the menu - crab rangoon egg rolls, pot stickers, park fries and the chicken pesto sandwhich.

So we discussed for a little bit and I decided to try a burger and went with the Park Burger with chive fries. My mom got the chicken pesto sandwich and park friends.

The food came really quick and my mom was impressed right away with the presentation - cutting the sandwich in half already for her incase she wanted to save half. As soon as she took her first bite, she was in it to finish it. She loved it.

My burger was delicious too and I loved the avocado spread. They know how to cook a burger. I think they are a good contender in the Burger War in Waukesha but it's been a while since I have had a J.Lotti's one and I still have to have a Bodway's burger. But maybe we need to do this soon.

I went back to work and had the opportunity to leave the office early for the New Year's weekend. I texted my friend and she asked me to meet her at People's for a glass of wine. I laughed hysterically when I realized that I would be going there 2 times in one day, but said Why Not and headed over.

We went back upstairs to enjoy a comfy booth and overlook the bar downstairs. And just my luck, I had the same server as I had for lunch. He was just as pleasant as the first time. I decided on a Cellar No.8 Zin and my friend got the Malbec. I was still stuffed from my lunch so I was ready to just relax with my wine. But then I remembered how delicious their cucumber/olive/tomato salad is that you can get as a side instead of fries. My friend ordered the MMMMM...Mozzarella sticks (I think that's what the menu says). The food came out quickly and we sat upstairs chatting away. FYI the place isn't too busy around 3:30 in the day so you have your choice of anywhere. 

So I'm glad to finally have People's Park back. Yep - 2 times in one day :) As you can see, this is a place that I would highly recommend in Waukesha. They have a Happy Hour until 7 pm on weekdays with good drink specials. I think I might have to get a Happy Hour crawl going. So until my next post, Happy Eating!

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