Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Biz Alliance & Welcoming Back People's Park

So this is the first post that I'll be making from my iPhone. Not sure if I'll continue this route or stick with ole faithful, my laptop.

Anyways, last night was the Waukesha County Biz Alliance Holiday Party at Brookfield Suites. My friend Tiff and I attended and could not believe how many people were there and of course I couldn't believe how much food there was. We started with a little networking and wine and ran into a new networking bud and caught up briefly.

Then we hit the buffet. There was cheese, sausage, crackers and fruit--typical hors d'oeurves. But then there was the largest slab of meat that I have seen outside a butcher shop. The bone in the beef was no lie about 3 inches wide. It was insane and according to Tiff, very scrumptious. There were also mini spring egg rolls, quesadillas and bacon wrapped water chestnuts and a dessert table with dessert shooters, cookies and bars. But the other food star of the night was a mashed potato martini bar. The options were either traditional white potatoes or sweet potatoes in a martini glass that you then piled high with toppings. Tiff sampled this as I was saving room for the next stop and we couldn't get over how awesome of an idea it was. I shared with our new friends that we were then networking with that Generations is doing a baked potato or chili bar for lunch and that we should all check it out sometime.

Now onto my favorite part of the night....I got to go to People's Park. I have been patiently waiting the reopening of this bar and man oh man
was it worth the wait.

Following the party, a bunch of the young professionals met at People's to continue the holiday cheer. We made a reservation and were seated in the new upstairs area. Downstairs looks pretty similar to pre-fire design with just a few more tables in back. Upstairs is more lounge-y with a bar, some booths, high top tables and warm tones.

We were even lucky enough to score a peak at the rooftop dining. Unfortunately the phone stayed safely in my purse and I didn't take any pics from up there, but capacity is 49 people and there is a bar and beautiful wood floors. I think it would be a good location to rent out for a birthday party or other celebration and I may have just the right persons' party already in the works.

So after checking out the rooftop, I satisfied my People's void with potstickers and park fries. Everything was just as I remembered, including the very reasonable tab. I can't wait to get this back into my rotation and introduce my new friends to this late night spot. Welcome Back People's!!!

Until my next post, Happy Eating!

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