Sunday, November 27, 2011

Water Street Brewery

Water Street Brewery has been serving Milwaukee since 1987 and they brew right at their locations to provide fresh tap beer. They have locations in Milwaukee, Delafield and Grafton. I have been to the Milwaukee and Delafield locations but not the Grafton one. After a trip to the Art vs. Craft Fair this past weekend at MSOE, my mom and I worked up an appetite and headed to Water Street Brewery in Milwuakee for a quick lunch.

We got to lunch around 12:30 and had no problem getting a table. We were seated in the bar area at a booth and the first thing that got my attention was a bit of a sour smell. I know the smell from my days of serving and bartending. My mom didn't notice, but I think that the bar might have needed a good wipe down and the smell would have been gone. It wasn't overpowering but I know the smell and know how to correct it.

The booth we were seated at had a step up to get into it and as my mom stepped up, she caught her leather jacket on the metal edge of the booth and tore her coat. It isn't an obvious tear but she was upset about it. Could have been her for being short but the metal edges were sharp on the booth and could be at kid head height if they were walking by the booths.

We took a few moments to peruse the newspaper style menus. They were serving a brunch but my mom and I had already had a breakfast so we were ready for lunch. I chose the chicken salad sandwich with fries and my mom chose the southwestern chicken wrap with chips. We both just ordered water and were asked if we wanted a lemon with that. I like that some places ask before just putting it in or not putting one in at all.

While we waited for the food to come, I enjoyed the tunes as it seemed to be on a Dave Matthews sattelite radio station -- can't go wrong with Dave Matthews. Our table salt, pepper and a flower in a beer bottle for decor. Our flower was snapped in half and looked sad. It is just a carnation, so it shouldn't be too pricey to replace, or just remove.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Zubarik

The food came decently quick as the restaurant wasn't busy. My mom was super hungry, but patiently waited for me to take a picture of her wrap. It was a hefty sized wrap with a good portion of multi-colored chips and a pickle slice. My sandwich was also quite large to bite into, but I managed.

 Photo courtesy of Sarah Zubarik

My mom said that her wrap had a bit of a kick to it but she really liked it. She used the chips to cleanse her palette between bites and cool her tongue down. My chicken salad was very delicious. It was uniformly chopped up chicken and I loved getting the big chunks of chicken in it that let me know it was made there and not something brought in on a truck. Look at the big chunk sticking out of hte sandwich below! The tomato slices were very bright red and helped. I also had bacon and cheese on my sandwich and with the toasted bread, the combination was great. The fries were crispy on the outside with yummy mushy potatoes inside. Both my mom and I commented on the juicy crisp pickle slices we received.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Zubarik
Overall, the lunch was great regardless of the rough start. I know that I will be back and next time I'll enjoy a beer or two with my meal. Until then, Happy Eating!

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