Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wings in Waukesha

 *Sorry for the lack of imagery again! I get so excited to try new places and I forget to take pictures once I'm there of the atmosphere and food. I will work on this! PROMISE!

It's been a long time (probably over 8 months) since I have met up with friends for wings. I used to have my typical places that I could be found on Thursdays (Club 400 and Fox Run Lanes). However, unfortunately to friend-relationships dissolving and jobs changes, I haven't made it out in way too long.

So when my friend asked me last week if I wanted to do wings, I basically jumped at the chance. I suggested Club 400 but with it being warmer out now, I know that Club 400 has a hard time keeping up with the A/C and my friend is an avid pool player so we ended up deciding on Sporties in the Sunset Bowl complex. The complex is located on Sunset Dr. in Waukesha between Grand and West Ave.

We pulled in the lot and we were 1 of 3 cars in the lot total. Granted, we went at 5:30 as she and I were both starving right after work. In following the track record of 3 cars, we walked in the bar and were the only people there to drink - the other cars must have been the employees. I'm not sure if Sporties has a happy hour special, but I know Flanagans (different bar in same complex) does, and I'm thinking they might want to, to increase that after work crowd that was definitely lacking. Sure it was the day after a holiday and most of Wisconsin is probably "drinked out" (who am I kidding, this is Wisco, we drink no matter what).

Anyways, I asked the bartender about the deal and he informed us that it didn't start until 6 pm but we could start with the pitcher of beer if we liked. The wing deal is 20 wings and a pitcher for $12. I thought that was reasonable and it included our choices of Miller Lite, Coors Light or High Life on tap (I didn't ask if we could substitute something better on tap, but that could be a thought for next time). We decided on Miller Lite and began chatting while waiting to order. The bartender came back a minute later and told us we were in luck - someone else had bribed the cook to start early and we could get our wings now. I forgot to take a gander at the rest of the menu (my bad) but I believe they have burgers and pizzas as well.

Ok back to the wings - they can be separated into groups of 5 for the different sauces and I was excited to hear the choices. That excitement quickly dwindled when I found out the choices were.....Hot, BBQ or plain. Increments of 5 and you only have 2 actual options!!???  Hot sauce and I have a love hate relationship so we decided on 5 hot and 15 BBQ.

When the basket came out, the wings looked huge and mounding over the top and plenty of ranch and celery were provided. I went for a BBQ and my friend went for a hot. She liked the hot although it was nothing more than Frank's Red Hots on them. The BBQ was really messy to eat as it didn't seem that they attempted to thin the sauce out at all and just threw the wings in a vat of regular BBQ sauce. The wings dripped with BBQ. I don't mind a little sauce, but when its dripping huge chunks of BBQ, I wasn't too happy. I did try one hot wing and it was ok, dipped in plenty of ranch and followed with a piece of celery. The hot were way less messy to eat.  (You may think that I don't get the concept of wings as they are always messy. I get that and I enjoy a good wing coated in sauce, but when you couldn't see any of the skin of the chicken and its just all BBQ, that's when I draw the line.)

We ended up leaving a few of the BBQ wings behind as for some reason we both were full with less than 10 wings in each of us. This is a rarity as I can polish off close to 20 alone at other places. We agreed that next time we would probably get the sauce on the side if we came back, or we would just go somewhere else.

Once we finished the wings, we got a game of pool going to finish the pitcher of beer. If you are a pool/darts/sports fanatic, Sporties is the bar for you. They have flat screen tvs on each table, trivia, dart boards and pool tables everywhere. Not to mention the bowling alley, batting cages and volleyball leagues. Sporties is definitely the bar that has the most sports-oriented fun for people of all ages.

My suggestions to the bar is the add more sauce types for wing night - maybe a 1/2 red hots 1/2 BBQ flavor and maybe a jerk or terriyaki. I'm not asking them to have 20+ types like some chain restaurants in the area, but a few more than 2 options would really be great and would put them at a competitive level with other bars and restaurants.

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