Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's to Come....

Last week Friday, I got to experience Golden Gate Restaurant in Waukesha for the first time. It was only take out and I didn't even go and pick it up. 

I had a very eventful weekend and can't wait to share my experience in Milwaukee -cupcakes, good burgers and great friends amounted to a wonderful time.

I found a cupcake recipe that I can't wait to bake tonight. 

Then I was at Champps in Brookfield last night and I need to share about that as well.

And I can't forget to talk about the #beerclub I joined on Twitter. 

But alas, there isn't time for that right now - hoping to get a lot accomplished tonight.

But what I will share with you is that I just signed up for a Vitalicious Tops giveaway from a fellow blogger. Healthy Living is a great new blog that I started to follow via my Twitter friends and I can't wait to read her archives. I am taking my role as a fellow foodie very seriously and can't wait to explore all the new foodie friend's sites that I have found in the last week. You too should follow this site if you are into healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle! Not to mention, if you haven't had Vitalicious Vitatops yet, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Why not try them for free?

OK - more on the other things hopefully tonight!

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