Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Eats

Yesterday I held a Packer's Super Bowl Party at my condo. I love watching a game with a big group and getting stats, etc from other fans. But of course what I love the most was making the food and seeing what my friends would bring to eat.

I decided on Sliders and made beef and turkey ones. By 4 pm, two of my friends had already each polished off 3 sliders each, so we figured we might as well make some more so we would have enough. And now I have 30 left over! :)  Here's how I made them:

1# beef
1 pkg. dry onion soup mix
1 TBSP Worchestershire sauce
Mix well by hand.
Separate meat into 2 oz. balls and then press flat (I had a scale so that helped a lot)

1# Turkey
1 pkg. dry ranch dip mix
Mix well by hand
Separate meat into 2 oz. balls and then press flat.

For both of these I cooked them on my little webber grill, the browned up nicely on the outside and then I put them in the oven on warm 9 X 13 pan with about 4 oz. of beer in it to keep them moist. Cover the pan with foil as well to help keep the moisture in. 

In all we made 5 lbs of meat so that's why we had so many extra, but what an awesome meal to pop in the micro for whenever I need them. I served them on Sara Lee dinner rolls and offered the following toppings: Turkey bacon, BBQ sauce, swiss/cheddar/colby cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, onions (raw & sauteed in beer), mustard, mayo and pickle relish.

And now for the sides:

Deviled Eggs (Doubled Eggs according to some of my friends)
This is hard for me to measure but what I put in mine was finely chopped celery, pickle relish, dill weed, mayo and mustard along with the yolks - mixed it all together well and spooned it back into the eggs. I then sprinkled paprika over the top - these were a big hit.

Ham Roll Ups
See this blog post for the recipe

Little Weenies
These were turkey weenies or 'lil smokies that Hillshire Farms makes. I put them in a pot on the stove and concocted a sauce from strawberry and grape jelly, ketchup, salt, pepper and garlic and it turned out really well. These were made for Tiff's bday party two days before but they keep so well that she brought them to share.

I didn't get the recipe for these but my friend Kacey brought them and the boys enjoyed them. I wasn't sure if he fried them or baked them and I had already devoured enough so I didn't have any.

Paula Deen Yellow Cupcakes
Yep, this was a box mix, but I got it from the dollar store and it was a box that made just 12 cupcakes, perfect for a single person so you don't end up with tons of leftovers. I frosted them with Whipped vanilla Duncan Hines frosting, green & yellow colored sugar and then green frosting to write Go Pack Go on them! It was my creative side coming out of me.

Pasta Salad
This is one of my staples and its starts with a basic Suddenly Salad mix and then I build off of that. I use two packages for any party larger than 4 people. Make as the box says, but you can sub water for oil and it works fine. I also add Fat Free Italian Dressing to stretch it. Then I add pepperoni, black olives, ham, turkey, mozz and cheddar cheese and sometimes even mini tomatoes. It's so good and I don't feel bad about using a box to get me started. I sometimes add extra Italian seasonings, garlic powder, and parmesan too, but my friend made it this time and so it was to her taste.

Jello Shots
Not a party goes by that I don't have jello shots. This time I made 4 types. Sugar Free Lemon with Don Q Limon Rum (sub the cup of cold water for cold rum), Sugar Free Lime with Don Q Limon Rum, Melon Fusion Jello with Moscato wine (sub the wine for the cold water) and Island Pineapple jello with Moscato wine. Those are the green and yellow flavors that I have found around town. not sure if any others exist but I think I have done great with what I have and never get complaints on the shots.

That's what I can think of. Not super creative, but the sliders were time consuming so I focused on making those delicious. I don't have pics yet, but I'll update the blog tomorrow when I make some sliders for dinner with my friends so you can see them.

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